Best media for BenQ 1640?



I made my way through all the media-quality threads for BenQ 1640 and I’m still not sure which media to buy. I only got the burner a week ago and I burned two +R discs (both MCC004,Verbatim branded) and a few +RWs . I’m looking at buying a 25 or 50 pack of 16x +R media and the options I have are Verbatim,Ricoh and TDK. Which of these would you suggest for the 1640?




Yep,that’s what I thought. I always fed my burners with Verbatim CDs&DVDs (I had a Liteon 451S before the BenQ and I still have a Liteon 52327S) and I never had any problems.
I can get a Verbatim 16x DVD+R 25pack for about 85kn( cca 15$).
But I also saw that the 1640 spikes a lot (PIF spikes) @16x and that this is a common issue. Is this true?


Yes, not only common… the regularly spaced spikes past 3.5-3.7 GB are always there (on both 1620 and 1640) with +R media, but only at 16x. They are absent with -R at all speeds and with +R at 12x and below.