Best Media for backing up SD2 w/ Liteon



Well I just recently purchesed a Liteon 52x drive. I made a perfect working backup of C&C Generals using Clone CD ( and the 1 liteon brand cd-r that came with the drive. I then procedded to make a backup of the second Generals disk and if doesn’t work. With either TDK Brand media or Imagine. I thought TDK was pretty good. My only idea is that the media is causing this. I also tried using Alcohol 120% and if didn’t work either. I have made 8 costers so far. And suggestions would be greatly appriciated.


Try the original CD’s you’ll be surprised. :bigsmile:

OKOK I’ll save you the trouble. :wink: You require CD1 to play the game. CD2 will not allow you to run the game, only CD1 will. CD1 is the only CD with copy protection (Safedisc 2.8). CD2 is used only for installation.

So all those copies of CD2 aren’t coasters after all.:o