Best media for archival/general usage? (UK)

Some time back I got our stores buying Fujifilm boxes CD and DVD media as back then they seemed to have a good reputation for quality/longevity and they made media that came in jewel cases vs. buy a spindle and the cases separately (a concern if you’re a business and you have a “stores” that aren’t IT literate and don’t want to be signing out individual CDRs and cases etc.).

Anyway they’re out of stock and the supplier don’t have Fuji’s so I’m looking at what is available.

Seems TY are still pick of the bunch, but again they don’t do retail media in cases here in the UK.

I see Kodak are back in the media business - do they still have the excellent reputation that they had a few years ago with their Ultima range?

Having seen the price gap drop between CD and DVD media I’m not even convinced that it makes sense to still buy CD media for data storage, even if the amount is small enough that it only needs a CD.

Usage is a mixture of archival and data to send out to customers where, in theory, once they’ve received it it’s up to them what to do with it, and we would still hold the master copy.

Thanks in advance.

My favourite would be Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004), either Made in India, or Made in Taiwan.

Staples often do deals on them, BOGOF etc. :slight_smile:

As for Kodak…I’d give them a miss these days, personally.

For general use I’d go for the MCC004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R Made in Taiwan/India) as Arachne suggested.

For archival I suggest using at least two different kinds of media, one of which could be the Verbatim MediDisc or Verbatim Archival Grade 8x DVD-R (available from SVP and other places).

[QUOTE=Arachne;2057434]As for Kodak…I’d give them a miss these days, personally.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, most Kodak media these days are CMC, quality varies here a lot more than it does in other brands. Definitely not as good as the old Kodak-manufactured Ultima’s, that’s for sure…

I am another Verbatim (MCC) fan, and TBH if you factor in the price, I think it is often a much better than TY media, which when people are honest has gone down hill with most of their 16x media over the older 8x.

Its an easer product to get and will often cost quite a bit less in to the deal.