Best media for 5005

Just wondering generally what is the most reliable or best picture quality media to use with the 5005 recorder.

Just would like some feedback as I am going to get some more dvd re-writables and want to know which is the best quality brand to go for, for this recorder.

It doesn’t matter how much a disc they cost, only getting a few but want good reusability, reliablity and picture quality.

Verbatim DVD+RW

Verbatim +RWs are good but the best quality burns will be from
Taiyo Yuden +R 8x
be sure the +RW media you use can make copies to +R or -R media, some will show error on reading

Ok, will give Verbatim RW a go.
I alway Record a program directly to a RW and then take it back to the PC to rip and cut out unwanted junk (like Liteon Menu). The it gets burned permanently to a + or - R after that. That way the RW can get easily blanked and reused and the fiddly crap can be done on the PC.
Hence my question for the best quality RW Dvd blank.

Ta for the info.

My all time favorite for 5005 +RW recording is HP.(PHILIPS 041)

Yeah, I was as surprised as anyone. I took a chance since it was on sale at Office Max and now I’m hooked.

I have never had a problem yet, any kind of problem, with the HPs.

I’ve used Imation (also PHILIPS 041) but they become pure, unadulterated cr@p after three or four burns. And I’ve used Fuji (RICOHJPN W11) and they were ‘inconsistant’, some shot craps after a few burns, while some still work. (one burn had over six-hundred thousand POFs!)

But the HPs work (QS of 92-96 consistantly) on my 5005 everytime.

Oh, and they’re on sale at Office Max this week.

Buying by the brand name is ok if you know what MID (manufacturer identification / media code) it has. The brand name DVD’s often get their media from different manufacturers and market it the same e.g Verbatim has had about 5 or so suppliers including CMC MAG . A list of supported media codes from the burner firmware’s are listed here.

Hi I do live in Brazil and I would like to open my DVD player to use here, do you have the code for it.
My DVD is Magnavox MWD200G

I don’t think there are any hacks for the Magnavox MWD200G