Best media for 1633s/1653s?

hello guys,
Im not gettin really good results burning movie backups. Im currently using verbatim mcc003 8x dvd+r and not so great results with them.
What is the best media for burning dvd? What brand and what speed is best for burning movie backups? Please let me know.


At what speed did you burn them? Can you post a KProbe scan. :wink:

I´m surprised because that media burns perfect on older Lite-On DVD-RW burners (812/832) at 8x!

BTW, did you use Bitsetting Utility or OmniPatcer for booktype /compatibility.
burned at 8x

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Staples Verbatim 8x CMC MAGE01.

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Ricoh for me :smiley:

I received today the order of 75 Verbatim DVD+R 8X (From Nierle shop), and already burnt 4 of them, results are getting better after each burn, first 2 were made with the original firmware (BS0C), the last with the latest stock (BS0K).

I agree with DarthCloud (and many others on this forum). The best media for your Liteon drive is RICOHJPNR01. They burn at 8x in my 1213@1633, and give excellent results. Quite cheap at Newegg, also.

I’ve been using Verbatim MCC003 on my crossflashed 1213 using stock strategy and have absolutely no complaints. Make sure you do at least 4 burns with any particular media before you jump to any conclusions.

Hi attached is a scan i did of a disc written at 8 speed with my 1633have read through these and unless im being a bit dim does this mean a pretty good burn?

any help would be great

Good scan. Those 2 PIF peaks are a tiny bit high, but nothing to really complain about. Very, very nice scan.

reflashed my liteon 1633s to BS0K and used omnipatcher…am finally starting to get good scans with it :stuck_out_tongue:

have been using the Verbatim 16x certified media(mcc004) and Nero 6.6.0 at 16x but time is around 9 minutes :confused: but hey the scans are good!

have been using the Verbatim 16x certified media(mcc004) and Nero 6.6.0 at 16x but time is around 9 minutes

There is no way that that’s burning at 16x and taking 9 minutes. My 8x burns take about eight and a half minutes.

yes, i am full aware of that :slight_smile: just reporting what the settings were and the results

If you don’t maind wasting a blank, CDRinfo (latest version) records the write speed plot during the “Create data disk” function -as well as displaying the write speed in the same way as a read speed transfer graph.

An essential tool if you doubt the actual write speed and CAV/P-CAV/Zone-CLV strategy.

ok will check it out. had posted the graphs for nero cd dvd speed with the mcc004 media at 16x,12x and 8x earlier…but will check into cdrinfo.

Doh! - I meant CDSpeed!

It can plot the speed during write, for the create data disk, and record it for later display when you scan with it - Kprobe is standard here, but Cdspeed used in that way is great for seeing CLV zone problems - though the 1653 is CAV/P-CAV on both!