Best media for 108

right am going to be ordering some blank dvd disks on monday and i am just wondering what medai is best siuted for films and games with the 108 what media do u lot use please let me no coz i will be ordering from this site linky

I think any of those 8x would be a good selection, I would grab the Datawrite Classic Fuji 8x DVD-R (25 Tub) (ME-008-DW).

Fuji’s have been known to write at 12x with no problem, and the price looks darn appealing as well.

i am using ritek g05 disks which are burning at 12 speed using the 1.14 firmware for the 108 you will get some here the they are called Anv price is £8:50 uk

I’m using the Memorex DVD-R 8X and get consistent 12X writes with the A08

I use ritek G05 and Fujifilm (datawrite grey), both work great on 108. both are now cheap, picked up 100 arita Go5 £26 from computer fair,

Memorex 8x DVD-R are usually CMCMAGAE1 and they give terrible results when the 12x burns speed kicks in. KProbe and “real-world” testing confirm this.

For premium brand media, I will stick with Maxell (MXLRG03) or Verbatim (MCC02RG20). At the moment I can’t find the Maxell discs sold as anything other than Apple brand in the US though.

For cheaper media, I will probably continue using Ritek (RITEKG05).

I must not be “real world” then. But they do work fine for me. 12X and not a single coaster. Also checked the disks on other DVD readers and burned a couple of videos and tried those on several DVD players.

I think what is trying to be said that even though the Memorex (CMC) disks write fine at 12x they can end up having errors that aren’t seen until later.

I think for the extra 1:15 secs that it saves you should actually write them at 8x and get a better disc that won’t have as many errors.


I would rather write at the rated speed of the disc and end up with a copy that had only a few small errors, than write at extra speeds and get a disc that may have problems later.

Just M2CW

Errors? Can you expound? I tested the data on the disks I wrote and they check fine.

Just burnt a TYG02 (FUJI Branded) at 12x on 108 with 1.14 FW… IT WAS HORRIBLE! I can’t belive my eyes. Not only was it not able to burn at 12x throughout (it took about 10:2x), it was over 1200 max PI for the second half of the capacity. It was a DVD-Video disc burn on Nero
I scanned it with a LiteOn1633s BSOC over night and just saw the horrible graph this morning. I will rescan and upload some pics… didn’t have time this morning.
Anyone has better result with TYG02? I hope this is a one off phenomenon…
Same batch of disc (same cakebox) burn beautifully on NEC3500A… full speed at 12X (took about 7:1x)… quite good Kprobe scan.

Anytime you write a DVD there are always going to be errors on the disc. What makes for a good copy are “LOW ERROR COUNT” AND NO READ ERRORS AT ALL

Certain disks written above the rated speed with product more errors and possibly a bad disk with read errors on it.

So maybe you can write the disc at higher speeds but you will most definately get more errors than the rated speed.

You can check the disks you write with DVDINFO Pro

Thank God it was a one time thing… just burn the same movie to the same batch of disc at 12x okay. The scan looks pretty decent…

Seen the same thing with TYG02 (Datawrite Red) disks in my 108 (firmware 1.10), horrendous PI number up to 3000 in my case (and PIF over 100 max)! :eek: :eek:

These disks are commonly sold as “B Grade” any how so I wasnt suprised they were poor, but I didnt expect this poor. Even with all these errors they still seem suprisingly readable (out of 10 burnt only 1 was a complete failure and only on 2 other did I see evidence of drives slowing down to (eventually) successfully read them.

Hmm, but mine came from FUJI 8x DVD-R brand… shouldn’t be B-Grade right? I am just surprise that TY also has such varied quality in the same spindle!

Datawrite “RED” V3 A-Grade and pioneer108:

someone has tried these dvd-rs id: VDSPMSAB 01 with the pioneer_108?


DATAWRITE RED V.3 with this mediacode???

I burned more than 400 of them with INFOSMART01 MID and there is no cheaper media with such a good quality!!

which speed of writing?

I have dvd orion with this id and if the dvd is blank the pioneer 108 doesn’t know it, with another dvd but written with liteon it see this dvd and in the adip information pio show ALL writing speed available (1-16x)!!!


Datawrite greys have changed to prodisc F01 recently tho so they could ship with that code instead!

BTW, svp are doing the 99p shipping again this weekend for anybody whos interested