Best media for 107D?

hi all, whats the best media to get for the 107d writer. i used to get the fujifilm03 datawrite grey classic media and it used to perform very well. but these days then new dye types are all a bit iffy on an old writer like mine.

any recommendations on what media i should be using now a days? shame they stopped making the fujifilm03 media.

Mine did well with MCC 003, TYG02, and would probably do OK with YUDEN000 T02.

I only use 8X media and I found that there was very little difference between the 107, the 109, and the 110 when you use the good stuff.

brilliant stuff.

is the datawrite titanium 16x media any good with the TTH02?

the review here suggests its good but only reviews it on the pioneer 110, 108 and 106 drives. the 107 is left out.

should i risk buying this media? although i know im going to be restricted to 4x write speed, speed is not as important to me as quality is.

same with the datasafe premium 16x media here:
above media using the MCC03RG20 dye, again review only shows 106, 108 etc drives but misses the 107 out.

so not sure which media to get really. was hoping the above media would work well with the 107 drive since the media can be had for very reasonable prices.

I can’t really say for sure as I only use 8X but I would say that you are OK with the datawrite titanium. I would avoid the MCC as I have read of some problems and with no scanning ability you could never be sure.