Best Media DVD for Pioneer 106RD 1.07



What is the best DVD-R media for a pioneer 106 RD firmware 1.07 RCP1?


i have pio 110 and pio 112 but not 106. I found that taiyo yuden is the best when it burn with pio drive. verbatim 8x is also good but not 16x. It’s paint in the ass.


That’s interesting. If you are talking about 8X, 16X rated media, not burn speed, I’ve experienced the opposite on my 111.


My DVR-A06 firmware 1.08 likes 16X Verbatim DVD-R.


you have a best pio drive I’ve seen so far. Maybe i jumped in pio at a wrong time. But pio 112 still in early aged. Times will tell.


Where do I buy Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X Authetic.


Taiyo Yuden DVD-R is a good choice, but do not use TY 8X DVD+R in your Pioneer 106.

#8 or are good places to go. 're cheapest on daily basic but often have a good deal. Checking in both site to find the best for you.


I want this dvd from europe not USA


Just a thought, if you would put in your profile where you are at would help :slight_smile: people know what country you are in :bigsmile:




Do they burn @2X or 4X? That’s sheer luck, cause surely they’re not supported in firmware.


I can burn them at 4X, which is amazing.


Indeed! Thanks for the scan. :flower:


As a user of several generations of Pioneer drives (DVR-106, 107, 108, 109, 111), I’d have to say that Pioneer drives love Taiyo Yuden media and burn incredibly well on them according to my scans. Most people here will likely agree that the best -R TY media is media code TYG02 (8x) in terms of burn quality. Although the 106 doesn’t burn past 4x and I haven’t personally tried TYG02’s on a 106, this would be my preferred media for any Pioneer drive.


The Pioneer mediacharts will underline this.


I had good results with TYG01. But the 8x -R TY should be ok.

I can test out a verbatim DVD-R 8x in my 106 if anyone really needs me to. Just ask :slight_smile:


TYG03 works good at 4X.


make sure you burn those verbs at 2X :wink:


ICCAFSN, do all those pioneer drives show up as Superdrive on your Powermac?