**Best Media Deals Around, Period**



All Appearing at Newegg.com

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7GB 8X Silver Lacquer 50pack, Model DVD-R47ZZSB8, Retail $42 + $4 Fedex shipping

Fuji 8X 4.7GB DVD-R 50-Spindle Pack, Model 25302851, Retail $45.50 + .50 Fedex shipping

Verbatim 8X 4.7GB DVD+R Media 100PK Spindle, Model 94968, Retail $50.50 + 4 Fedex shipping

Verbatim 8X 4.7GB DVD-R Media 100PK Spindle, Model 94985, Retail $51.50 + 4 Fedex shipping

RIDATA 8X DVD-R 4.7G 100 Pack Cakebox, Model DRD-478-RDCB100 $42.99 + 4 Fedex shipping

:bow: RIDATA 8X DVD+R 4.7G 100 Pack Cakebox, Model DRD+478-RDCB100 $44 - $10 Instant Rebate = $34 + 4 Fedex shipping


The TY price isn’t good at all; at www.rima.com the regular price for TY 8x DVD-R shiny silver spindles is $26. The Fuji 50 disc spindle is overpriced if it’s TY and certainly if it’s ProdiscF01. Spindles of Prodisc 8x DVD-R can be had for $20. The Verbatim prices are good though, I’ll give you that.


i NEED some +DL discs to come down in price…i’ve already stocked up on T02, MCC004 and MC003.


Someone has a special on a 3 pack of Verbs (D/L) after rebate. I believe it is newegg.com but don’t quote me on that. Anyways, I have to agree with TwoDegrees, the price at Rima is WAY better than newegg on Taiyos. Newegg really needs to get with the program and become more competitively priced (at least for the discs).


Here, I have fixed my links to include the best deals on TY Media!! All these deals are great now!! I have added several other media deals as well.

:bow: Verbatim 8X 4.7GB DVD+R Media 100PK Spindle, Model 94968, Retail $50.50 + 4 Fedex shipping

:bow: Verbatim 8X 4.7GB DVD-R Media 100PK Spindle, Model 94985, Retail $51.50 + 4 Fedex shipping

RIDATA 8X DVD-R 4.7G 100 Pack Cakebox, Model DRD-478-RDCB100 $42.99 + 4 Fedex shipping

:bow: RIDATA 8X DVD+R 4.7G 100 Pack Cakebox, Model DRD+478-RDCB100 $44 - $10 Instant Rebate = $34 + 4 Fedex shipping

Philips 4.7GB 50 pack DVD+R Spindle Model DVDR1S04/751, Retail $15.99

Memorex 4x 4.7GB DVD+R Media (50-pack Spindle) $24.95

:bow: 100 pack Ritek Ridata G04 4X 4.7GB DVD-R White Printable $37.60

:bow: Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media silver thermal printable 100 pack $55.00

:bow: Taiyo Yuden Silver Thermal 8x DVD+R Media in cake box 100 pack $55.00


Well, I guess I was wrong. Or the special ended. Anyways I did find some okay deals at meritline. However, I can’t vouch for them so it is at your own risk if you order from them. :wink:

Ritek D/L


Verbatim D/L



BTW I’mBAD. Afraid Rima.com has you beaten again (unless there is a typo in the description at RIMA). 100 8x Taiyo Yuden (claims to be Thermal Printable) DVD-R for $48+shipping.



thx Jesterrace. there was a $10 mail in rebate on those verbatim DL 3 packs - i recall seeing it too. im still not willing to pay more than $5 per disc though…ugh. oh, and im wedded to Verabtim MKM1 (or whatever the MID is) because i know i can burn them at 4X with my 716As.

thanks for the deal links ImBAD.


Thanks for the Rima TY prices and the Double Layer deals you guys found! All together we have found some pretty good deals!


I need some +DL discs too, hoping this is the year of +DL discs


Anyone know what the media code on these are?


Some of the Reviews on Newegg claim the Media id is Ritek R03


Wonder if these can burn at 12X or even 16X.


I don’t think many burners overspeed Ritek R03, they’re pretty mediocre 8x +R media.


I get good results when I burn them at recommended speed or less. As Two Degrees stated, I woudln’t overspeed them to ensure quality.

I just received my new PX-716A TLA0203 and Ritek R03 is all the media I have right now. I’ll run some tests using this media at different speeds and post the results in the Plextor Forum. This should provide an idea of how well this media burns for those interested. Personally, I like it. -ImBAD


I’ll agree on the TY media as well. I bought 100 8x DVD+R’s from Meritline for something like $52 after shipping/handling was calculated in I think it was. Much better than Newegg’s price.


Amazon.com has the 94985 and 94968 for $60 - $30 rebate each.
That’s the best price anywhere, if you count rebates.

And I think it’s all MCC media, burns great in most burners.


I had REALLLLLLLLL bad luck with a 50 pc cake of white inkjet printable R03’s from newegg. Just about every disk I burned at 4X as that’s all the stock FW wanted to do them at, and even at 4X just about every one fails. To Newegg’s credit, they WOULD have replaced them, however, I’d have had to send all the burned media back, and am simply not willing to do so as they almost ALL have very sensitive data on them. For the few that don’t, it’s just not worth it to ship them back. Obviously, I wish I’d have realized that it WAS in fact the media that was bad, and not just cockpit failure as I thought it may have been. Had I, I’d have shipped those disks back FAST! (And I’d still have been pissed at the fact that I’d wasted money shipping inferior product two ways.) :a

I’ve sence ordered 25 of the cheap Legacy 8X branded disks, which turned out to be Prodisk R03’s that burn pretty well at 12X, and VERY well at 8X and below, as well as the 30 pack special they had on Verbatim 4X +RW’s they had a couple weeks ago, (Media code proves to be MKM A02) that are of excelent quality.

I’ve JUST ordered 50 TY 8X rated +R’s and 100 52X rated TY CDR’s from Rima which should arrive on the 31st. Time to start backing up a bunch of cd’s that are marginal. (I have a cd collection that is well over 1,000 titles, both audio and software.)

I might consider purchasing some more of that Legacy branded 8X media from newegg, but as we all know, there’s no telling what you’re going to get! Therefore, where a REAL deal is concerned, I’ll pay the $11.50 more per 100 for TY media that I KNOW will stand the test of time, rather than cut corners a bit only to end up with media that potentialy starts failing after a couple years if not sooner.

I’m certainly NOT happy with my experiance with theose Ritek Ridata branded “8X” R03’s, (that strangely enough, USED to be rated at only 4X), and quite frankly, I’ll simply not buy ANY Ritek product again in the foreseeable future! That’s how I show my displeasure with a company. I simply refuse to give them ANY more of my money.

If I buy DVD+ or -R’s for even a penny a disk and they appear to function properly, but in six months time begin failing, that in my opinion, is perhaps the WORST deal I could have possibly gotten. To me, a good deal is reasonably priced media, or even HIGH priced media, that I do NOT have to worry about! That being the case, the ONLY good deal on media in MY humble oppinion, is media that is:
Ricoh PERHAPS, but I’ll probably NOT buy any that’s Ritek branded. (RW’s for example)

Prodisk simply doesn’t make the list because quality has been reported as being spotty, adn as I stated above, that is un-acceptable. I am greatful that so far, the 25 I got from Newegg branded as Legacy have been pretty darn good so far.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is a topic I’m pretty adament about. :slight_smile:




You mean Mitsubishi Chemicals, right? :wink:


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