Best Media Choices for NEC 3500 and 3520



I try and limit my online buying to and am wondering what a good media is for the NEC 3500 and 3520, specifically for DVD copies.

Iam looking for the best value disks

DVD+R or DVD-R, but from what I understand +R is the way to go.

I am also using Liggy and Dee firmware

Thanks Andy

Newegg media

Good deal on Ridata ,Any good?


In my experience, the best media for my NEC 3500 is Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 8x (MCC 02RG20). This burns better than any other media I have tried with this drive. Better than all of the following DVD+R media:

[li]Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 16x (MCC 004)[/li][li]Verbatim DataLifePlus “Pastel” DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000 T02)[/li][li]Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)[/li][li]Fujifilm DVD+R 8x Made in Japan (YUDEN000 T02)[/li][li]Memorex DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG F01)[/li][/ul]So I can fully recommend the Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 8x (MCC 02RG20) for the NEC 3500.

Available at Newegg for $28 for a 50-pack (non-printable): Link.


Actually it doesn’t say anywhere on the Newegg page that this media is in fact the DataLifePlus version, and I’m not located in the US so I don’t recognize the packaging. So this might not be MCC 02RG20 media.


I stick to FujiFilm 8x DVD+R (Made in Japan) and Verbatim 16x DVD+R - they are both on sale frequently at Best Buy. This week (still active on the Best Buy website) the Verbatim 16x DVD+R and DVD-R 25pack is on sale for 1/2 price at $11.99 - a terrific bargain!


I bought 9 spindles of the DVR+R’s at Best Buy this week! Call me greedy! :slight_smile:


thanks guys!!


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I have both drives and get the best results with Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x (MCC 003), very easy to find and fairly cheap in 5-pack’s with standard jewel cases.


I’ve had good luck with TDK DVD-R (TTG02) and Memorex DVD+R (Ricoh R01) on my NEC-3500 (MAD DOG)
Scans below…


If you like to buy online, I most strongly recomend I among many others here tend to stick to Taiyo Yuden media as they are second to NONE. TY media is the standard that all others are compaired against. Where Ritek/Ridata is concerned, I’ll NEVER buy another piece of their media again. I bought a 50 peice spindle of the R03 media in inkjet white at a premium price, and ended up with less than 5 disks that were trustworthy in my oppinion. (The majority of the burns flat out FAILED a transfer rate test.) I don’t have the time or the money to worry about, “Did I get a good batch, or a bad batch. Should I return them, or suffer the loss ect.” and TY for me from now on. Ok, well, I use Verbatim MKM A02 +RW’s and would consider other media such as Verbatim, but they tend to change up what plant different medias are manufactured in too, so it’s STILL a bit of a crap shoot. To the best of my knowledge, Taiyo Yuden doesn’t farm out ANY of their manufacturing to lesser companies like CMC Magnetics like just about EVERY other media manufacturer does. I don’t even use Fuji MIJ media, which is actualy TY, just branded by Fuji. Why buy disks that have been handled a second time for the branding process when this on occasion ALSO causes degradation in media quality? Rima, to the best of my knowledge, is the ONLY certified retailer of unbranded TY media on the USA.

I like Newegg, but where media is concerned, they aren’t my first choice. Look at their selection of TY media and you’ll understand why. Oh DAMN! They don’t even CARRY Taiyo Yuden media any more! Well, there you have it! If I need a major surgery, I don’t have my general practitioner perform it, and if I need media, I don’t buy it at Wallmart. :wink:



Don’t overlook the G01 TY currently on sale at and
It is around $30 delivered and even though it is slightly lower quality than the TY Premium, it is still way ahead of any other media at that price. Many of us have received G02s at the same price. Both burn very well at 8X on my 3500 with stock 2.18 firmware.


Joe thanks for the info, I think you have talked me into trying Taiyo Yuden. Your first link in you post is typoed.

Does any know the shipping on a 100pack from RIMA is.

IS 8x as fast as they make yet?

Thanks Andy


They make a 16X -R media which is available from Rima. Sorry about the typo. :slight_smile:

16X 100 piece tub:

16X 50 piece tub:

I haven’t used any TY 16X media as yet. The 8X burns quite nicely in my ND-3500 at 16X though. (I generaly burn it at either 8 ro 12X though. I don’t like pushing too far as reliability is the most important factor to me.) For a differance of only $7.00 per hundred, I will be ordering the 16X -R media next time, unless they come out with 16X +R in the next couple weeks.


OOPS! It seems the 16X -R media is out of stock that this very moment at Rima. If your REALLY interested in a 16X media, you can call Rima toll free @ 1-888-777-7462 and ask then when they will be back in stock.



Rima shipping costs for 50 and 100 cakeboxes is under $5 when I order it-

However I am also in California - so it may be more for other states - but it is definitely less than either SuperMediaStore, Shop4tech or Meritlines shipping charges-



I like sony D11 for my 3500a. They’re sold @ staples and best buy for around $20 for a 50 spindle. I’ve been burning them @ 16x, and haven’t had a coaster yet!! That or taiyo yuden T02, but that can be pricey. Ricoh Jpnr 02 is good too for 16x. I dunno what to burn in the 3520, I don’t have one. :slight_smile:


I am using a bitsetting firmware, but what does everyone recomend for dvd movies DVD+rR or DVD-R.

Thanks Andy


Both work equally well. Quality of media and burner is more relevant than + or -. Also, some burners prefer + and some -.


Some older standalone DVD players will only play +R bitset as DVD-ROM.



I have a ND-3500AG I got some months ago. I am having problems with dvd video discs burned on the drive pausing in my player and not playing at all in my sisters. My previous drive, an older model Sony 4x max, would write discs that played on everything. I’m at a loss and getting frustrated. On the Sony I used Prodisc 4x -R and Optodisc 4x -R. On the NEC the -R’s I have tried are, Philips 8x, Maxell 8x, Verbatim 16x and the Optodisc 4x. They play ok on the ND-3500AG in the spots they pause on the player. They also pass a crc check. Any idea?



Sony’s DVD players are hyper-sensitive to burned media. I also buy from the TY02 +R–Rima is quick and reliable.

I burn TY02’s at 8x for DVD movie back-up as I too have a Sony DVD player for my boob tube. At 16x, the sony hangs. At 8x–smooth sailing. I burn data at 16x and have never run into a problem…

You really can not beat for media… They are priced better than But, you can not generally beat Newegg for gear…

Lastly, I bit set EVERYTHING to -R to be safe… The sony will not recognize +R (mine won’t, at least). So at -R, almost every player will read it.



I was comparing my success with playing video dvd’s using my older Sony dvd writer compared to the NEC ND-3500AG. My player is not a Sony. I had very good compatiblity with the older Sony writer compared to my pausing problems with the ND-3500AG. I was expecting the 3500 to be as good or better at writing compatible video dvd’s. It seems to me the 3500 doesn’t write very compatible video dvd’s in relation to playing them on players. Unless it will only do it with a certain -R dvd.