Best Media at 1x on Beng 1620 Pro



I’m planning on ordering the TY DVD+R 8x from and am planning on burning at 1x. I find if I try buring faster my burns fail on my slow 700mhz 128mb computer. I have a benq dw 1620 pro.

Will this media work well or should I look for 4x since I’m burning slow. I’ve been using the benq labeled dvd+r’s that came with my drive that are rated at 16x and I have about 20% error rate on them so hoping to get something more reliable.



Burning at 1x with a modern burner on modern media will result in a coaster or a very poor burn, buy some 4x +R media and stick to burning it at 4x, turn off all unnecessary processes first, you may want to think about atleast getting another stick of 128, buy some decent media aswell such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden if you want burns that will last.


Might also want to consider a new HD, which would probably solve the speed issues.


Thanks for the replys. I’ll try the 4x media first to see if it helps, otherwise will get another 128mb ram. The HD was bought couple weeks ago so that should be fine.


Very little RAM is used for DVD burning, so adding more won’t likely shange your situation. Have a good look at the HD, it shouldn’t be running that slow unless the settings are wrong. Maybe run a couple tests on the HD, or you could do a CDSpeed “create data disc” test and post the graph here. Try it at 4x.


What operating system are you using? If its XP then additional memory surely will help. Win98 should probably be OK.
It’s vitally important to have the burner on a separate IDE channel to your HD otherwise you’ve no chance. Please tell us that they are separate, if not get another IDE cable & use the secondary channel for the burner.


Can’t burn at less than 2.4x on DVD+R anyways. :wink:


I’m running Win2000 Pro with NTFS. The drive is Western Digital 80gig w/ 8meg cache. I’ll take a look at CDSpeed.



More memory will only help in the sense that you will have more available for your read buffer. (you will have to re-set that). But it will not help the underlying speed issues. That HD is certainly cabable of 8x - 16x burns, so something is bottlenecking it, probably the IDE controller. What ATA/UDMA status is showing on the HD?