Best media and speed for DVR-109?

I’m going to make a big purchase soon, so I’d like to know what the top media is for my DVR-109, and the best speed to burn it at.

I know that I should be safe with the typical Taiyo or Verbatim, but there has to be a best, right?

Either TY or Verbatim MCC will be top quality. Both could be ranked #1. If you have no trouble with bitsetting, then +R 8X is very good on this drive. Avoid -R Verbatim. TYG02 value line from shop4tech is a good buy and a decent burn on this burner. Stick to 8X with 8X media and 12X with 16X media.

If you have problems with +R do some searching on how to crossflash with Buffalo firmware to get bitsetting, available here:

You would want 8.58. Welcome to the forum.

Why avoiding -R Verbatim??

See the scan, burned on a 109 at 8X. It has improved some, but not up to my standards, especially when the MCC 003 and MCC 004 are so good.

Thanks for the information.

I was wondering if everything holds true for CD-Rs and DL DVD+R as well?

Stick to 8X with 8X media and 12X with 16X media.

Not really, I have no experience on DL discs; most of the CD media I find burns best at 24X.