Best MAM Gold CDR?

What is the best MAM Gold CDR in terms of write quality? I know MAM isn’t as good as TY but out of the ones that exist, which are the best?

That’s a difficult question, maybe not for the reasons you would expect. Maybe you’ll find my opinion upsetting… :MAM gold CDR is a waste of money.

If you want a really superior CDR for data archiving, go for Maxell pro if you can find it. But even these are a waste of money in my opinion.

My oldest TY and Hitachi-Maxell CDRs from [I]1997[/I] are just as new today, they’re regular CDRs with nothing “special”, 9 years without the slightest trace of aging… so all this “gold” marketing nonsense just leaves me cold. :bigsmile:

Burning clones on different media stored in different places makes much more sense, IMO, than using so-called “archiving-quality” media.

i aint no expert on cd-r’s or anything but if u ask me i tend to agree with Francksoy …

cause i got some mitsui cd-r’s from 2001-2002 and they still read perfectly fine… plus there coated with some sorta of plastic coating on the top of the disc for extra protection (this should be nice (with the mitsui’s) since the top of cd-r’s dont normally have any protection on them) … these are the best cd-r’s i have … i still got about 90+ of em left to… as i only use them for “important” stuff i DONT want to lose… but from reading around someone supposedly bought the mitsui company and since then there quality went out the window with there newer discs… so i would not recommend buying mitsui discs unless u can somehow find there older ones which is unlikely since i bought mine from ebay back in 2002ish.

those mitsui are probably the best out of the more recent cd-r’s that are good… my oldest disc i have are from 1998ish area (verbatim 2x rated discs dated 1997 on the back) … and they still seem to read fine from what i can tell although i dont have many of these… i still have about 2-3 of them left that aint been burned.

but from what i heard in these forums … generally speaking it seems as if u can get some Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s those would be best overall in terms of quality cd-r’s… cause i thought i remember recently reading someone said that cd-r wise… that TY CD-R’s are definately better than Verbatim CD-R’s… but dvd wise it’s debateable as there both good quality in general.

Seeing that in C’t tests TY silver media outperformed stuff made by MAM gold.
(In same test Verbatim mad by MBIL didn’t perform that wel.)

Well in the old days you could also get Ceramic Coated Taiyo Yuden disc’s easilly.
These days there hard to get but I have to say the plextors top layer is not to bad.

So I suggest that your probably better off with Silver Taiyo yuden disc’s as MAM’s gold media.
Also I’ve seen quite some tests were MAM-E silver disc are showing signs of ageing unlike the TY disc’s tested in the same test. (Even Value/Budget TY media lived up better !) So maybe MAM needs gold to make something decent.

MIC Verbies give better results than MII Verbies. This has been confirmed by [B]Drage[/B].
If you have connections to Greece (like I do), ceramics aren’t rare. The Japanese still have them.

:open_mouth: didn’t know ceramics were regarded particularly well. They’re sold in Australia these days too

I’ve had good luck with TY as well. At work I have stuff that was backed up on TY CDRs about 4 years ago, as well as stuff on Memorex from the same time period… after a bit of scanning, I reburned all the Memorex last month, but the TY was still fine. Unfortunately for me, I have to use whatever they buy me, and that included a lot of Memorex…

For my own stuff, I use TY CDR exclusively.

Just regular MIC Verbies? I have some MIC made by Prodisc…

Great post BTW, Franck :iagree:

I was thinking about MIC Verbies with Mitsubishi Chemical ATIP :wink:
If I remember correctly, Super Azo CD-R were only made in Singapore, Ireland, Mexico, Taiwan, China and India. I’ve only used the MIS, MIC and MII personally.

Drat. Oh well, it was worth asking, cheers :smiley:

I have only confirmed that my Verbatim Crystal + Super AZO Made in China are better than my - // - Made in India.

I made no claim that this is a general phenomenon. :wink: