Best Mac software for burning 800 & 900 mb cds

If I want to burn 800 and 900 mb cds, what’s the best Mac software?

I’m not a Mac user so I don’t know about burning 900MB cd’s. Doesn’t OS X have built in CD burning capabilities? There’s always Toast (commercial), if you want to try a freeware app there’s Burn,

More important, you need a drive that supports over-burning, most don’t. To get more data onto a disc, you are burning into an area out of spec. With the current cost of DVD media being equivalent to CD media, there isn’t any reason to even deal with this issue.

So I should just burn the music onto DVD-Rs and play the discs on my DVD player?

[B]Dogg[/B]'s advice is sound, and depends on the playback capabilities of your player plus the filetype under consideration.

For example: if they’re MPEG4 XviD/DivX in an .avi container then burn as data - rather than ‘DVD-Video’ - on a DVD, but your player would have to handle these video types.

What about AIFF (CD format) files onto a DVD-R? Would that work?

[QUOTE=TomHartley;2226056]What about AIFF (CD format) files onto a DVD-R? Would that work?[/QUOTE]

Do you want to play these on a stand alone DVD player or the DVD drive in your computer?

Stand alone DVD player. I don’t want to listen to music through my computer’s sound system, and I still haven’t figured out how to connect my computer to stereo equipment in a way that will bypass the computer’s puny amplifier. I guess that’s another question for the newbie forum.

You won’t be able to play aiff files on a DVD in a stand alone player. If your player supports mp3 on DVD you need to convert them. Another forum member suggested converting them to mp2 which will allow your DVD player to play them.

Or just live with standard CD.