Best Mac BURNING software?

I am running a mac in OS 9.1 and was wondering if there was a product out there that gave the mac the capabilities that a PC has when running “INCD”, therefore being able to treat a rewritable disk like a floppy, saving 1 image at a time without having to “REBURN” the entire disc. THNX!
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i’ve seen some info that toast from can do it via directcd, but i could not find an actual featurelist from them that said so. most burning formats for macintosh are multisession capable - so that you can burn images here and there, but it isnt as convenient as packet writing would be.

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Unfortunately there is no retail Apple Mac software that can do Packetwriting (such as that done by InCD and DirectCD). You have erase your re-writable CDs/DVDs evertime you want to use it again on your Apple Mac.