Best-looking inkjet printable dvd-r?



After experimenting with two different kinds of printable DVDs, I decided I want something better.

I like dvds with a small non-printable area around the hub. Even though they are all called hub-printable, I believe some have larger non-printable areas than others. The ones I bought (linkyo?) have a 24mm diameter of non-printable area. Is there something smaller?

In contrast, I found that being able to print all the way to the outside edge of the disc is not as attractive as the ones with a ~1.5mm outside margin where a litte bit of the rainbow color reflective surface can be seen.

In short, I’m looking for a printable dvd-r that can be printed all the way to the hub at the center, and only up to about 1.5mm to the outside edge.

Could someone suggest some brands?


why dont you try lightscribe?

ah sorry, u look for DVD…


Taiyo Yuden. 21mm center, 119mm diameter.


I prefer Verbatim myself. The white is more brilliant and you don’t see the ring through the disk before printing.


My original TY (+ and -) are all 24 mm inside. Verbatims are 21 mm inside.


On TY DVD and CDR, I use a template that’s 23mm inside and 118mm outside which fits the printable area perfectly.


Taiyo Yuden. 21mm center, 119mm diameter.

Edit TY parameters… 22 mm inside, 119 mm outside. Height (Top) 25.4, Width (Right) 25.2


Verbatim states the diameters on their spindles. TY does not, but according to a German supplier, they are 24 mm inside. I usually print at 23 mm, even though that is cutting it close.


I got 200 of these as giveaways, they turned out to be MCC003 rejects. Average QS @ 8x = 70