Best Looking AVATAR POLL

I think someone should start a poll to see who has the coolest best looking looking avatar.

Since there are a numerous amount of members.
First 20 replies to this thread are in the poll. I guess I am first.

And those who want to be in it, should reply by making a post here. Any Admins and Mods are in even if they dont make the first 20… hehehe…is that sucking up or what :stuck_out_tongue:

Second… is???


ohhhh yeah! I’m already in, but what the hey?

Why not, I’m in.

Avatar contest

And more on avatars:

Have them disabled myself…

Anyone who understands Dutch, will let me win :bigsmile:

I dont understand Dutch, but i will let you win anyway :wink:

Let the game begin :cool:

only need 13 more


I follow my leader Airhead :bow:


why this contest…lol

i guess i am in it…aren’t I?

count me in :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
count me in :slight_smile:

as 1 or as 5 avatars ? :slight_smile:


how could i miss this one? :bigsmile:

cool so far, just 8 more

Well I’m biased and you lot have probably never heard of Forest :frowning:

My vote goes to whoever had the pit-bull that growled.

I’m in

Mine might not be the best, but I think the ass as the nicest:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: