Best Litescribe DVD Multi Drive




I was wanting to buy a new drive, well I was going to go for the LG GSA-H10N but then I remembered Litescribe and it seems not just HP makes those drives anymore! I have a LG GSA-4040B already and it has been a good solid drive with <10 coasters on about 100 burns but it was due to a extra HDD confilicting with the writer on the 2nd IDE channel. Other than that there has been no coasters or problem.

So could people please suggest what they feel are the best Litescribe drives

*8x - as I normally buy these (- mainly but + recently) even though my current doesnt support that speed!

Multiformat +/- with DL, not too bothered about DVD-RAM, never used it but all current drives I have support it



*Able to be read on a variety of PC DVD drives, (My other DVD drive is a Toshiba SD-M1612).

*Preferably also a quiet drive, I had a LiteOn DVD LTD-163D before which sounded like it was taking off, rattled the case and took a couple secs to spin up. It also screwed up just after the 1 yr warranty so I swore never to buy LiteOn again along with an Aopen CDRW I had which did the same after virtually no use!) but maybe they have gotten better since…

*Also if you could suggest the best media to go with the drive too (Litescribe/non)


BTW I have used media from TDK, Sony, Maxell, Fujifilm with success and would not consider using anything of lesser quality.


There is also a H10L …


Benq 1655,check out for some great prices:

It’ll probably favor the plus format,for booktyping backups to dvd-rom. That’ll take care of majority of compatability issues between your backups and stand alone players.I don’t have one,but have seen some very impressive PIF scans.

You can also get the qsuite 2.0 or 2.1 utility.It’s got some great programs that’ll work with that drive:

1)It’ll set the booktype,has Solidburn-learns how to burn your media correctly.It may be ready to booktype out of the box?
2) Solidburn: After a few burns of a certain media,it learns how to properly burn your media.
3) WOPC: Controls the laser so it adjusts to the conditions of your disc.
4) Q-test: You can select a speed/run a 2 min test and it’ll tell you if it can handle that speed.Then increase that speed,and re-check.
5)Test write-I never messed with that program.
6)Information: Tells you the MID codes of your media
7) Overspeed:Prevents the drive from overburning 8x media at 12x and 16x. Oh yes,these benqs will have no trouble overburning the 8x speed media is burn setting is left at max.

They say a lightscribes wear and tear is: 20% for actual burning,and 80% for the scribing.It may not last as long as a regular Benq drive.

Lite-on has a model,not sure how good it is.Same withLG. Lacie also makes a decent ls burner that I’ve heard good reports on. I’ve got the HP 640c. It’s a pc of crap.


A question Ive always wondered since I heard about Litescribe. I was going to get a new printer soon so Im thinking thats better, quicker & cheaper to print labels.
Hmm…ok maybe Litescribe doesnt seem such a good investment! :confused:

Seems the most recommended otherwise are:

Lite-On 165P6S

BenQ 1640/1650 (What is the difference between the BCHC & BCFC?)

To be honest I will just be using the drives to burn DiVX/MPEG2 movies (Only MPEG2 to view on standalone players) or games backups to DVD.
Hmm…Im thinking the BenQ 1640 seems the best due to its maturity. Or should I go for the 1650 or something else! lol


LightScribe drives I have are:
Lite-On SHM-165H6S
LG GSA-4166B
BenQ DW1655

I like all of these drives. They each have their own strengths and weakness.
The Lite-On and LG both do DVD-RAM.
The Lite-On and BenQ both do error scanning.
All three are in my system currently, would be a tough choice if I had to remove one.
If I absolutley had to choose just one? …Lite-On SHM-165H6S…


The BenQ is really weak with RW and DL media, keep that in mind.


I would choose between BenQ DW1655 and LiteOn 165H6S.

Really? You just need to use the right media. :wink:




I had a look for the BenQ 1655 and it is not sold on my usual haunts (ebay, ebuyer, aria) but did find it on for £31.72 + £6 P&P.

I am not able to find the LiteOn SHM-165H6S for sale in the UK apart from 1 site on Froogle (£34.46) but no matter how many times I click it never loads the page!
The non Litescribe SHM-165P6S are only £23.49 + £3.79 P&P on eBuyer…Hmm…from what Im reading in the forum seems the BenQ has more features & Litescribe but seems to be picky with media and has only had 1 firmware release? compared to the 11 of the 1640…Decisions decisions!

Can I ask, as I had a LiteOn LTD-163D before, it used to whirr up and make a sound like it was taking off if you tried to read a disc (similar to a spinning plate!), does the 165P6S do the same? I found this VERY irritating and noisy along with a cheap feeling eject button. How quiet are these drives how picky is the 165P65 with media as I dont tend to buy the same media everytime just what I find someone who doesnt realise what they are selling on eBay for next to nothing but nothing budget - So far I have bought:

-R = TDK, Fujifilm, Maxell
+R = Sony (Current)
-RW = Sony


Ok I found the older LiteOn SHM-165H5S on for £26.81 and they sell the new LightFlash drive NEC ND-4571 from £25.93 which also supports DVD+RW DL.

Having just read the NEC ND-4571 LightFlash preview a couple hours back I was surprised to see another lazer printing format and thought it wasnt released yet! I am just reading the NEC section threads about this drive would be good to have some feedback regarding an early comparison with the LiteOn and BenQ if anyone has used it - thou seems its not available in the US.


If you are meaning on LabelFlash, you can read about it here. I recently bought BenQ DW1655. I haven’t tested it yet, but will do soon. You can wait 3-4 days for my opinion and then decide, if this mean to you anything. :smiley:

I am not able to find the LiteOn SHM-165H6S for sale in the UK…

I also couldn’t find this drive in stores in Bosnia. Actualy, I barely find this BenQ.


Thanks for the info, zevia.

Then they have improved that, as hoped by many. :wink:


I’d read elsewhere (can’t remember where though) that LiteOn has a weird policy about whereit sells its stuff . It seemed to imply that the SHM-165H6S is not officially sold in Europe (perhaps someone else knows better?)
There is however the SHM-16H5S (that might be SHW-16H5S :confused: ) which I understand is essentially the same but without DVD-RAM capability. This seems to be more widely available in UK. You can get one pretty cheap from Pixmania.


Could be, I try to find it in stores here in Bosnia, but without success.


Just got an email from Liteon. The SHM-165H6S will be sold (in Germany). They will availible here in autum