Best Lite-on to extract with?

I noticed that the 166 and the 167 are in the past now at the stores I usually buy from, so since I am in need of a new dvd-rom, what is the best one out there for this use? Not going to use it for burning dvd’s as far as I know at this point, but regular disc would be fine, just need it as an install drive for apps, games and such…
Other Manufactures drives are fine to if they are superior no…

LiteOn SOHD-16P9S. Of the DVD-ROM drives still in production (the AOpen 1648/AAP model is better, but has been out of production for quite some time now and is no longer available for sale), the SOHD-16P9S is the best (certainly much better than the older 166S/167T models). According to a post in the bargain basement, it can be had for $20 USD from this weekend (I haven’t verified this).

ok thanks, think I will get the black model for it has free shipping where the white one does not for some reason.
So from what you are saying, I should replace my 167 with this one for dvd backup making and put the 167 in my other machine to use as what i specified. Would that be the wisest choice?

Thanks again

Personally, I’d use the 16P9S for DVD ripping (since that’s where it excels, compared to the 167T), and I’d use the 167T for day-to-day stuff.