Best Lite-On to buy

Just wondered which is the best Lite-On drive to buy right now. Speed is not really the issue here. The difference between 40x-48x-52x is not big enough to warrant spending big(er) bucks. What I really care for are:

  1. Writing quality
  2. RW-speed
  3. MtRainier compatibility
  4. Media compatibility
  5. Reading quality
  6. did I mention WRITING QUALITY:)

I kept track of all the revieuws over time, but can honestly say I’ve lost it due to the quick succesion and the hype about speed only. I don’t think I’m the only one here…:confused:

I have a Lite-On 48x12x48x LTR-48125W burner. Fits all the criteria mentioned by you.

But the Lite-On 40x is cheaper.

Buy anyone from them. Ultimate choice is yours.

I know all of them are good. I’ve been using various Lite-On’s for over a year now. I was just thinking about the speed in which they are showing up. The 40x/12x and 48x/12x only seem to differ in writing speed. As do the 48x/24x and the 52x/24x. I guess the biggest question is what RW speed you want/need.