Best Lite-on DVD-ROM for Scanning only

I am looking for a DVD-ROM drive (internal) to just scan DVD’s I have burned.

I would like to stick with a Lite-on drive so I can also use Kprobe. So far from this forum I haven’t found much other than the Lite-On XJ-HD166S as being one of the best.

Are any other lite-on that would be better?

edit : I am also looking at this drive as a possibility Lite-On LTC-4816H 48X24X48X16 CDRW/DVD Combo Drive


If you search, you’ll find out that Kprobe is not designed to produce meaninful results with DVD-ROM drives.

I have a 167T that I also use for testing but with cd/dvd speed: mainly transfer rate test (faster results) and sometimes PI/PIF.