Best Lite-On Burners $50 or less



I need to buy a DVD burner soon and have learned in my research that Lite-On is one of the best brands I should be considering. I was leaning toward external but if it really is easy to install I’d be open to an internal drive. From what I’ve seen, I was thinking I should be able to get a decent one for $50 or less. If anyone disagrees with that, and feels that I’m getting a piece of crap if I don’t spend more, by all means please let me know. I’d love to hear some input and suggestions of a few I should be deciding between. Thanks!


if you live in the USA, get this one ($36.99, black or beige, no shipping costs):


wow. make that a 4th post asking the same question. all you need to do is ask in one area. as you can see, you will definately get help. -and i see no reason that you would have to spend more than $40 for a good burner. just like most are stating.


Thank you so much for offering some input–I’ve been kind of struggling to get some good advice here. I agree…that burner looks like a good option for me. A few quick questions for you if you don’t mind–

  1. First of all, how are the scans from this burner? Does it do quality, pretty error free work? I will be using it for archiving digital pictures, backing up DVDs, and making DVDs from a hard drive video camera.

  2. I see there is a 185 and then a 185 with LightScribe. I don’t think the lightscribe is a big asset, but if it’s $1 I might get it. Is the LightScribe the only difference? I see that the 185 is “OEM” (not sure what that means) while the 186 is “retail” and the 185 lists a “2MB Cache”–not sure what this is or if the 186 also has it but I figured I’d ask. Thanks so much for the help and input–it is very, very appreciated!


Are there any new Lite-On DVD burners that are a continuation of and really have the qualities the BenB 1650/55 line?
And that read as well and burn as well?



Dear Cavalyr–my apologies for the posts. I guess I misunderstood how things work–it was my understanding that different people go to different forums (I know I pick and choose which ones to go to) so if you’re looking for help and your question applies to multiple forums it would be ok to post it where applicable. Furthermore, as I got feedback and since I was so new to this my question started evolving slightly so I wanted to make sure I got the most appropriate answer. I know some people will go to different forums and see that I asked a similar question but I didn’t know that out of the 50,000 posts on the forum that it would aggravate anyone. I don’t think there is anywhere on here were I asked the same question…yes, I asked for a burner under $50 in general and then in the Lite-On brand specifically…I do consider those 2 different questions, in different forums. Instead of spending your response time crucifying me because I tried to get help from different forums (which I assumed, in general, have DIFFERENT participants–please forgive me if I was wrong) how about being helpful and giving me a suggestion or input on which burner to get??? Regardless, I didn’t mean to irritate you (or anyone else) and I wasn’t taking my time to post this just because I get a kick out of typing similar questions over and over so I really don’t feel the “wow” comments as if you are saying “what an idiot” are necessary. Besides, did you have to post the same “WOW” comment in different forums!!! Seems like you did just the same thing that you are admonishing me for doing. All you needed to say was “Hey MUSCBoneDoc11, most of us here bounce around the different forums so we’ll eventually find your post even if it is in another forum so you don’t have to waste your time typing.” No need to try to stone me in front of the whole forum (and multiple forums at that) but it’s not a big deal. I’m just happy I got some response!


you deserve my apologies as well. and i will leave it at that…hehe…


the main difference between the 185 OEM= (Original Equipment Manufacture) and the 186 Retail is that most if not all OEM drives
do not come with any extra software or cables, screws, manual, extra beige faceplate where as the 186 Retail drive comes with all
of that extra stuff. The drives are exactly the same in all other aspects such as cache size, inner workings,etc.,etc., just the extra
stuff you get with the Retail drive is the only difference. :wink:


Thanks getit29–I appreciate your input!


IMO I would go with a 160P6S or 165P6S over the newer 18 and 20 series of drives.


Why do you say you’d go with the 16 over the new 18 or 20? Are the new ones just not proven yet? Thanks again!


the x6S firmwares are more mature, but i think they won’t get any further development.


I just got the 16a7. So far, so good. I like the SATA. I’ll never buy anything again that uses those PATA ribbon cables.