Best Lite-On Burner?

I was wondering if someone can tell me what the most up to date best possible drive on this page is. They all look the exact same to me to be honest…

PS: IDE Drives only.

you can’t go wromg with a [I]LH-20A1H[/I]. but there’s anewer model available, the [I]LH-20A[B]3[/B]H[/I] (models ending with [I]H[/I] support lightscribe, the non-lightscribe models end with a [I]P[/I]).
and now liteon released the next model, [I]LH-20A4P[/I].

imo you should get the LH-20A3H.

I went with this one:

Sony DRU170C

Reviews look good, and it looks snazzy.

A lot of people are saying Lite-On is garbage. Loud, and lots of problems.

You asked about a LiteOn and got a Sony/NEC Optiarc? :rolleyes:

You know it. What a rebel I am. Lol.

Any opinions on the DRU170C? Im sold alone on its look. It’s shiny and black. That’s all I care. Lol j/k.

But seriously, looks like it is a decent drive from reviews ive seen.

I’m gonna hate replacing my godly benq 1625 drive. What a good drive.

You can go to the NEC forum and look for the 7170A, which is the same drive.

Looks like people are complaining. I hope the sony version is better.


Should have stuck with chok0’s recommendation IMO-eh!!:iagree:

The 7170-series is probably the last NEC chipset since the new 7190-series is based off of LiteOn 20A3-series. If it weren’t for Herrie, Liggy and Dee, NEC drives probably wouldn’t have gotten much attention. There’s no difference in hardware in the Sony “version,” they’re all the same, just marketed differently, so it’s not “better.”