Best Lite On 832S DVD-R Burn --Ever--

This is just a personal best for me, and of coarse I want to brag!! Flashed to the latest Sony firmware with recomended tweaks. Burned at 8x. Considering it’s a DVD-R, and Ritek G05, I’m very impressed to say the least!! :bow:

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I have a burn I would like to share. I can’t figure out how to post the image on this group though. Anyone help me out?

I answered your same question [post=721958]here[/post]. :wink:

The best experience i have with Verbatim (mcc) DVD-Rs the most other DVD-R are simply crap.
A disc burned with VS04 and its splendid.
Her a disc burned with VS0A didnt try DVD-Rs with VS0B.

very good burn!! … when is G06 coming out??

is really promising when you got good batch Ritek… i hear someone have bad experience with them but thats only few people!!>_<

I for myself heard the ritek medias are really dodgy atm you can get good batches but you can get bad batches too.
So i dont use spindle ware if it isnt verbatim or MCC or RICOH MID.