Best lit-on drive so far?

What do u think is the best lite-on drive so far? I’m gonna by a lite-on 812s and then crossflash it to an 832S. Is there any other drive coming out soon or out already that can do better than that?

Thanks in advanced :bow: :bow:


is that out yet? I haven’t ben able to find reviews of it. Can some one please point me to some reviews like the ones on CDfreaks?

The 1213S is just starting to become available, so the 1613S is still a bit off in the future. Perhaps in another month or two…

arghhhhhh :a :a :a :a I can’t wait THAT long!!! I’ll just go buy a 812S and crossflash it with 832S firmware. You can’t go wroong with spending $109 CAD on a 812S. :bigsmile:

LOL, a friend of mine in Canada has been IMing me about DVD writers and was quoting that exact price for a 812S… :wink:

Damn, that makes them sound cheap compared to here in oz. I just paid $150aud for one and I thought that was pretty good…

Another vote for 812S

I’d say the 812S as well, although there aren’t enough 1213S drives in circulation to really judge yet. But overall I’d rather have a DL capable drive than a drive that can write at 12x and save me only a few minutes.

A fellow forum user named debro would agree with you there. I think it’s our close proximity to the US that makes hardware better priced.

i’ve just upgraded from a 411s, I’ve only burned a couple of G04’s in it(the 812s) but the kprobes are a vast improvement over the 411s ones…

Now that I own an 812s @ 832, I can buy the first 16x drives available and not be concerned with DL compatability. I need another dvd-rom anyway, since almost all new games will be switching to this format. EQ2 already requires a DVD-Rom.

No, I think It’s better priced here because in other countries they have an economey(sp?) that is strong in the tech area. So they usually promote the drives that were made in that country. In Canada we have no tech area making a very competitive market. :bigsmile:

I don’t know about you but I’d consider ATI a pretty big “tech area”.

but ATI don’t make drives

or failing that

Liteon DVD+R9 Dual Layer 2.4x Retail (SOHW-832S) 225.00
Liteon DVD±R/DVD±RW 8xRetail (SOHW-812S) 145.00

$145 woohooo! That’s money that you could spend on 1/3 of a dual layer DVDR!!

/me falls off my chair laughing.

Nah, seriously the fair is alot cheaper than Retailers here.
Try the fair :wink:

I don’t understand…
All the drives are manufactured & shipped from China & Taiwan! which is a hop, skip and jump to Oz.

The US on the otherhand, you need to fly for over 20hrs :expressionless:


I side with Debro in this one. We get hardware VERY quickly, and cheap at that.

I’ll have my 1613S before most of the world. Probably a matter of 2 or 3 days after it hits streets in TW.

Oz - full of dangerous creatures. Full of cool, cheap hardware.

Hmm i got my 832S Retail for ~118€ is it too much ? XD
I thought wow not 169€ just 118€ XD

Um pound or euro? If english pound, then um, approx $360au is about 1.5x what we buy it here for in Oz which is already overpriced :expressionless:
Nasty :expressionless:

In euro, not too bad :slight_smile:
Probably a little cheaper than ozzy retail, which is hideously expensive.

I mean Euro ^^’’