Best linux release for relative noob?

Im considering going to linux, as i’d like to eliminate microsoft from my everyday life. However, there are so many different implementations - i was wondering about experiences / etc with various releases. in particular - any that might be better suited for hardcore coding?

Mandrake is recommended for starting Linux users.

if you want to have Windows XP lookalikes :

Red Hat

if you like fast but less easier to use

Evil Entity

mandrake looks interesting, and i’ve worked with redhat a little bit before. it should be possible to partition a drive with xp on it, and install one of them into the new partition, right? i dont have a lot of (good) experiences with that. i think there was a thread about this the other day, im going to look it up. is there anything special i would need to do for some kind of a boot loader, though?

mandrake looks interesting, and i’ve worked with …

Most users only look at the installation procedure but that is only one side of the medal, the other is maintaining the system once it’s running. Easy to use and yet powerful and highly optimised is Gentoo. The installation procedure is not automated yet which shouldn’t pose a problem to you as a coder (in spe) since the documentation is pretty much straight forward. The strength of Gentoo is clearly it’s easy of use and maintainance - you keep being up to date on a daily basis (if you wish).

… to partition a drive with xp on it, and install one of them into the new partition, right?

I would recommend you to get another harddisk - they are not expensive anymore and allow you to have cleanly separated operating systems.
If you do not want that or it’s not possible for your system then you may want to use a partitioning tool. There are two major possibilities that may reflect your own setting:
1.) You planned ahead and reserved some space of your harddisk for such an occasion:

  • Lucky guy you are you can just use any free partitioning tool - like parted - to create the required partitions (recommended: at least 3 partitions (boot – type: ext2, ~ 10-30 MB; root – type: ext3 or reiser, ~ 1.5-5 GB or even more, depending on what you want to do; scratch – 256-(up to 2*physical RAM) MB )

2.) You are already using windoze on your partition(s) and need to resize. Either you are using the file system

  • a) fat32 or b) ntfs

If you are using a) you are one lucky guy (compared to b)) because you can use tools like parted to resize, then proceed as written in 1.)

If you find yourself in setting b) you can either use ntfsresize and then proceed as written in 1.) or get one of these two tools and do everything there:

[ul]* Acronis Partition Expert or

is there anything special i would need to do for some kind of a boot loader, though?

There is an easy to use (and free) boot manager called Grub; it’s included in Gentoo and you will find it described in the installation instructions of Gentoo.

none is easy for noobs. but the easier of them would prob be mandrake as my first choice and redhat as my second. only descent thing MS ever made was XP, i can honestly say i havent had a single problem with it yet since the day i installed ever since it hit the market.

umm… then again maybe doing tech support all these years contributed somewhat to that… lol

dont mean to sound rude, but this post is rather old…suprised it was found :wink:

and mandrake updates are horrible. as a side note.

u sure? … it was like eight down from the top of the threads last night, so i gave my opinion on it.

You could also try Knoppix. It recently came with a magazine and it’s as easy as these few steps:

[li] Download and burn Knoppix ISO
[/li][li] Insert CD into PC
[/li][li] Reboot from bootable CD reader
[/li][li] Wait

Knoppix will run from the CD-ROM and voila you have Linux ready to play around with. Of course this isn’t a real solution since it plays from the CD-ROM, which can’t be written and is relativly slow compared to the HDD. But it’s an easy way of meeting the capabilities of Linux and it’s also relativly easy to install on the HDD when you like it.

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hmm let me see!:bigsmile:

your question what the best the best distro for a noob.

the answer the one that best suits your own taste.

well let me breifly explain what the differences ive observed!

mandrake=considered the easiest of linuxes,many setup programs you can do things the hard way or the easy way.the downside is its easy to have too much bloat but if you have a
large hard drive then why worry!

redhat=mandrake was first based on redhat but
they are diffent now.slightly more difficult on building binaries then mandrake.ive had coders tell me they hated redhat 8 but they havent tried 9 yet.many fonts have been improved ,but there are plenty of rpms packages to choose from for installation.

debian=completely open source free os created by people all around the world.considered very good.

slackware=considered the most difficult linux os of them all,but i cannot agree.i first started with evil entity(slackware based) ive learned more using slackware then any other distro.
there are no setup files you have to do everything by hand but the system is very streamlined to suit your own needs and fast!

knoppix 3.2 installed on hard drive=nice debian based system with the latest kde environment but being that the the kernel was built with gcc2 not gcc3(compilers)many binaries are incompatable with the if one desires to installed source code its preferalbe to install code with no precompiled binaries(because everything else uses gcc3 to comile bins).you could taint the kernel with a force install or compile a new updated gcc3 based kernel.those options are not a noobs first project!

usually other distros are based on the first four ive mentioned.

when you then learn more about linux and feel comfortable you may desire to use a source based distros like gentoo,lunar and soucemage!

a source based distrobution build the system entirely from source takes along time for installation but what you get is a very fast computer and let me tell you fassst!!:smiley:

windows user alway tell me "why reinvent the wheel"they are talking about building binaries(exe) from source.we all know what works in someone else computer doesnt work exactly the same.when you build from source you are creating bins the work with your system very well!

now ill tell you where to go for help

for irc
almost all channels are about linux
goto mandrake its there whatever distro you need help in.

goto justlinux

well i hope this has helped you!

good luck!!

:bigsmile: :smiley: