Best Linux distribution for a beginner

So which is it? Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake or maybe debian?
Or maybe another one? That weird gothic linux Belvedere promotes?
I know the search gives some answers, but since new versions have been released since last discussion I think it’s time to ask this question again :slight_smile:

Well I stick to my story (so use the search!! :))…

Mandrake -> Friendly
Redhat -> Rockstable
Evil Entity -> Looks cool
Debian -> Rockstable & nice installer
Lindows -> Really easy, nice for desktop usage
Xandros -> Said to be extremely good for desktop usage
Suse -> Overcomplete
Slackware -> Console power :slight_smile:

I’m downloading Redhat 8.0 now. Couldn’t find any ISO images of Mandrake on the mirrors for some odd reason…
Anyway, right now I wish I could use my schools bandwidth… 3 gigs take a while even with ADSL… :slight_smile:

the knoppix live cd can be installed into the hard drive. it’s debian and real easy to install!

when in knoppix goto terminal type

sudo /usr/local/bin/knx-hdinstall

it will now begin to install

warning those with winmodems need to aquire a source for winmodems compiled by gcc2 because the kernel doesnt contain
gcc3 or at least one must recompile ther kernel!
have fun!!:slight_smile: :bigsmile:

rehat doesnt play mp3 due to lr .havent seen any paperwork though to really explain.i just think they’re a sellout and making excuses!the mp3 problems you can easily fix!:confused:

mandrake 9 is the best for a beginner or expert

you can do it the hard way or easy!

i do recommend an expert install to insert the proper libs for sourcecode installation!!:bigsmile:

recommended doesnt do that!:confused:

mandrake is probably the easiest.