Best Lightscribe Software?

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I have tried two different softwares with Lightscribe burners

Sonic’s Express Labeler-----very few options----but burns high quality in under 10 minutes…

The free “Sure Thing” CD Labeler SE that came with my HP740i and can be downloaded off It is VERY slow----average disk burn is over 20 minutes…but quality is fine-----it works…

Anybody know and can recommend others???

I like the Sonic App-----just wish it had more options…



I have used SureThing but somehow I prefer Nero labeller (Nero 7 premium version). I burn with a Phillips machine, and get excellent quality. Time burning depends on the contents of the label and its placement on it.

Thank you.

Been thinking about getting Nero7 anyway-----this will be a good excuse to try it.

The reason I asked about speed is that I tested a label-----same everything----font----size, quality, etc in both programs and the Sonic was MUCH faster…

Sonic Express Labeler = a little over 5 minutes

Sure Thing Labeler = 21 minutes

But the Sonic labeler is VERY basic------not very many options at all…


I realize I’m jumping in a bit late, but if you’re running Windows, I recommend Acoustica’s LightScribe software.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m the author of this software & spent several months on the LightScribe implementation, so I may be prejudiced, but I think it’s the best LightScribe software available. Feel free to try it and give me your feedback.


What is the best Lightscribe software for my liteon LH20A1hx? I am running Windows Vista.Thanks

Figured I’d give this a shot, but 23 minutes for 14 lines of text (a simple directory listing) on best quality (no graphics whatsoever) is sort of ridiculous.

I have to agree that there has to be some better software comming out really soon! or lets hope.

quickest for me is the lightscribe quick labeler, but limts you to pretty much just text, usually done in 3 minutes…other than that havent found any that are very fast

[QUOTE=robr;1804911]Figured I’d give this a shot, but 23 minutes for 14 lines of text (a simple directory listing) on best quality (no graphics whatsoever) is sort of ridiculous.[/QUOTE]

I like the SureThing software the best, it’s really easy and faster than most I’ve tried. I believe they also did the Sonic software mentioned in the OP.

The speed of doing a LightScribe label isn’t based on the software, but on LightScribe drives themselves. They just need time to burn the image onto the disc. Whatever software you use won’t make a difference.

For quickest results, use circular text (SureThing does this nicely) and no graphics. LightScribe burns the label in rings on the disc (just like the data), so the more rings the text touches the more work it has to do. Regular text touches lots of rings and 14 lines might touch almost all of them. But circular text can say the same thing while only touching a few.

It’s still relatively slow, but the LightScribe discs can look pretty cool and there’s no label to mess with.

Hope this helps!

What’s wrong with a sharpie?

[QUOTE=iamscottevil;2289120]What’s wrong with a sharpie?[/QUOTE]

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