Best Lightscribe Media?

Hi to everyone I am new to the site and know very little about all of this stuff, but I bet I learn a lot from all of you. My first question is…

I need to start downloading my pictures and movie files off of my PC and would like to use my Lightscribe to lable the disk.
Can anyone tell me what is the best media (brand) to use that supports Lightscribe, also what format for my pictures and video(CD-R, DVD-R or +R)

Thanks for you time and help!!!:slight_smile:

Verbatim is your best bet for LightScribe CD/DVD media (and is among the top choices for any CD/DVD media).

Choose CD or DVD depending on how you want to use your pictures and how many you need to put on a single disc.

For video, DVDs are the obvious choice.

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Thank you for the help