Best Lightscribe Media



I have a Lite-on SHM-165H6S OEM, which came with one Lightscribe CD-R that looked great when I printed a Lightscribe label on it. I used the Nero that came with the drive to print to the CD-R. But then I bought some Verbatim 16x DVD-R and updated my SureThing 4 Deluxe to Lightscribe the DVD-R and they came out much lighter then the CD-R that came with the drive. I was wondering who makes the best Lightscribe Disc and is it possible SureThing is the reason they printed light? I used best quality on both.

Now the Verbatim DVDs come out ok but I just think that the CD-R came out 100% better.


Go to and click on Support and then on Downloads on the support page. Make sure everything is current. Nota bene: Extended contrast Utility for DVD!



Didn’t even think about looking at
But I downloaded the contrast utility. I will install it and give it a try whn I get gome.

Let you know how it goes.


Hi! You’re just seeing what everyone’s seeing and that LS has a long way to go if it’s ever going to be a success. You can get slightly better contrast on the DVD’s by running the LS twice on the same disc. It prints the label exactly the same, no offset. Also, the latest Verbatim 16x media are LS v1.2 (slightly faster).


Bingo, Cressida. The extended contrast deal is supposed to give you the darker contrast without burning twice (which tends to blur the burn a little bit). Of course it takes longer. With the 1.2 media (you’ll know if you’ve got it because it’s printed on the spindle label), you can do a “best” quality label in about 18 minutes instead of 25. I just bought a box of DVD’s so I can’t swear to it but I’ve read on here that the extended contrast is about 31 minutes on a DVD but drops to about 25 on the 1.2 media (still faster than burning twice). Search for “lightscribe” and read up, there’s more than you’ll ever want to know here.

BTW, you are right, the lightscribe is a novelty right now (but a really cool one). If you are going to burn and label 200 DVDs, you can justify a DVD printer on the difference in disc cost plus get full color! I don’t have a problem with the current media color (I have a BSEE from Purdue and the school colors are “old gold and black”) but multi-color, pricing compatible with printable media and some serious speed enhancements are necessary before this is going to even come close to inkjet printable DVDs.



I just did one with the extended contrast and that was perfect. On best with the 1.2 media it said estimated time of 26 minutes but I really don’t know how long it took because I left the house when I started it. I think Lightscribe is awesome and would buy another Lightscribe drive in the future. Besides think about laptops I think there is no beating Lightscribe there. I’m sure the media is only going to get cheaper and I paid like 8 bucks more for the drive with Lightscribe. Plus I don’t have to chuck out 9 bucks for each thing of color in the inkjet.