Best LightScribe DVD-R 4.7GB?

Hello everyone. This is my first post, apologies if I break some rules by posting here. I am interested in blank DVD-R discs with LightScribe technology. What media should I use to avoid getting errors and also which ones are decent quality. I am thinking of these, they are suggested by LS’s official website. Thank you in advance.

I would suggest using Verbatim LightScribe media.

You can find some at Nierle and other places.

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Thanks for your reply. I am looking for bigger package of discs, since more should cost less than pack of 10, also their delivering is charged with €12.95 per package weighing up to 30kg. I am thinking of getting these or these DVDs, sounds like decent deal. However that’s not the issue. I am concerned about the lifetime of the laser - I’ve read somewhere that this technology reduces it by half. Also my writer LG GGW-H20L shouldn’t have issues in printing, right?

I’m not sure where you’re located, but if you’re in Europe, I’m not sure you will be able to order from Amazon US.

The largest Verbatim LightScribe DVD packaging in Europe seems to be 25 packs, but I’m not sure where you can find them.

I’m not familiar with your LG drive, but from the specs it doesn’t seem to support LightScribe. Even if it does, I personally wouldn’t use an expensive Blu-ray burner for burning LightScribe labels, but rather get an additional inexpensive DVD LightScribe burner for that purpose.

Since the laser is used for burning LightScribe labels, it seems logical that the lifetime of the drive could be shorter if you use it a lot for that purpose.

I have the aforementioned LG BD drive and yes, it does Lightscribe. And nicely.

There are only two companies in the world producing Lightscribe media: Moser Baer, India and CMC Magnetics, Taiwan. In the main, neither company’s products are anything special tbh.

Where it gets interesting is that both companies are subcontracted to make high quality AZO dvds for Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, i.e. Verbatim.

And so by buying Verbatim Lightscribe DVDs, you get the best of both worlds - a Lightscribe label on a high quality DVD.
(Lightscribe DVDs with MCC 004 and MCC 03RG20 MIDs)

Where in Europe are you exactly?

I am from Bulgaria, sorry that I didn’t mention. Usually when I contact the seller there are no problems of sending the item to me, even if it’s from the US. So the best thing that I should do is to buy Verbatim DVD-Rs, 25 pack. I guess MBI DVDs are low quality and I should avoid them? Also I guess that I should look for -Rs since I am filming weddings and disc quality and the DVDs itself must be readable on all possible players, including cheap/older ones, so +Rs might not be readable on older devices, am I right?

As for MBI DVDs, well, opinions vary about them, but let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t put wedding videos on them. Ditto for most CMC coded DVDs, with the possible exception of CMC MAG E01 (which I don’t think is in production anymore, and in any case, never came in Lightscribe varieties).

Since you are making DVDs that people (your customers?) will want to keep for a long time, archival requirements pretty much rule out anything other than Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or Falcon Tech International.

As to +R versus -R, it’s true that -R is an older accepted standard and all things being equal might be more compatible, however most people who burn DVD+Rs regularly do something called “bitsetting” the book type of the DVD+R to DVD ROM. The jury is out on whether using DVD-R or DVD+R with bitsetting, the general view AFAIK is that there’s not much to choose between them. Many modern DVD writers do this automatically, others may require settings modifications in the burning program (like Nero) or can be made auto-bitsetting DVD drives by using special firmwares.

If this is a business? and you’re doing a lot of disc labelling, I would suggest investing in an inkjet printer with disc tray, such as the Canon iP4600. The printing is WAY faster, you get a much nicer label, and printable discs tend to be cheaper than Lightscribe discs - as well as sold in higher quantities. There are also more companies making them, including the high end manufacturers Taiyo Yuden and FTI. It would also take the stress of the laser of your semi-expensive Blu Ray recorder.

Edit: I’m not sure about European shops that sell to Bulgaria, but my favourite American online shop that ships worldwide is GenesysDTP, which stocks a VERY wide variety of Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden and other nice things.

My writer doesn’t support bitsetting, this page says that, so I guess I will still have to stick to DVD-R.
Yes, this is business, so the quality is the most important thing. I consider taking the printer that you offered me, it isn’t expensive and its specifications looks promising, also has good price. About the DVDs, I think that I can find them in local stores. What’s the difference between these two DVDs? They are almost similar, but one of them has “For ‘general use’ only” tag.

[QUOTE=nitrobg;2271738]My writer doesn’t support bitsetting, this page says that, so I guess I will still have to stick to DVD-R.[/QUOTE]

Actually, all recent LG-branded burners – that LightScribe Blu-Ray burner included – support bitsetting for non-rewritable DVD+R SL and DL media. However, the LG burners do not hold their bitsetting settings when the system is rebooted – they revert to their factory-default settings of “DVD+R” for SL and “DVD+R DL” for DL – therefore, you must manually reset the bitsetting after reboot. The LG burners do not support bitsetting for DVD+RW media.

And not all brands of burners are the same way: Some brands do not support bitsetting at all, while others (such as Pioneer) automatically bitset the book type on DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM but do not support bitsetting on single-layer DVD+R/RW media.