Best LightScribe dvd drive

Hi i currently have HP pavilion PC and my DVD burner has died.
I am a computer music enthusiast and want a new CD/DVD burner with lightscribe to produce demo cd’s using verbaitim discs.

I have identified the following DVD drives that i am considering to purchase but i am not sure which is the best for my use? I am not looking for the fastest in the world but the most stable and good writing performance.

Lite-On Lh 20a1h
Samsung Sh s182m
LG Gsa h42l

PLease help me choose and recomendations are very much welcomed.


I will recommend Lite-On LH-20A1H for its SmartBurn, HyperTuning, OverSpeed, and Quality Scan :slight_smile:
You can burn known & unknown media very well with this drive :flower:

Anyway, I have a SH-S182D, I like it working as a reader, very good error correction, burn quality is very good too. It’s just too bad the one I got couldn’t do quality scan :S

LG, as far as I know, it can burn very well with known media

My first reply! :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help… Which would you recomend though? :o

I have also found this drive [B]HP DVD1040i [/B]

Out of them all which is going to be more userfriendly and stable, i dont want any media read or write issues.

My current drive can not recognise blank media disks so i thought i would swap as i want a lightscribe drive anyway…

what would you go for and why?