Best LG or Panasonic Blu-ray burner for me to buy as of 2018?


I used an LG WH14NS40 for three years, but it started going out about a year ago (in 2017). When it did work correctly, it worked very well for what I used it for (burning CDs, single-layer DVDs, and single-layer Blu-rays).

I’m looking for a new Blu-ray burner, and need advice on which is the best for me to buy. I originally considered my options back in 2017 (and put off buying a new drive for a year), and now wonder if the best drive to buy has changed since then (ie, new drives, cheaper prices on drives that were new back then, etc).

I want something that will provide high-quality, reliable burns. It needs to be good at burning single-layer BD-Rs, single and double-layer DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs, as well as double-layer BD-Rs, as I plan to burn some in the future. I use Panasonic BD-Rs and Verbatim DVD-Rs, so it needs to work well with those brands. It would be ideal for it to also be able to burn M-disc Blu-rays and DVDs, as I would like to try using them in the future.

Ideally, it would work reasonably at ripping as well, as I occasionally back up some of my discs.

At first, I thought that the LG WH16NS40 (which is sort of an updated version of the burner that I have) looked like the obvious choice, but then someone on an Internet forum told me that he’s had bad experiences with it. He claimed that it doesn’t write properly to double-layer BD-Rs. However, he also claimed that the Pioneer 209 (which I thought also sounded like a promising option) tends to break down a lot.

Here’s some of what he said:

Can anyone here confirm whether the problems that he cited are indeed common? And in your experience, which of those two drives drive would be most reliable for my purposes?

Further complicating matters, now that I recently (2018) started looking into the matter again, I have come across some new options, such as the LG BH16NS50, LG BH16NS55 (which sounds particularly interesting based on my cursory reading about it thus far), LG WH16NS58, and BH16NS60. And I haven’t even checked to see what newer Panasonic models have come out yet.

Which LG or Panasonic drive do you think best suits my purposes as of 2018?

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