Best/Latest firmware for ND-3500A?



Hi, I haven’t updated the firmware on my ND-3500A drive since I bought it, which was quite some time ago (about 2 years).

In any case, having looked at the various firmware versions that are available I have found that (unsuprisingly perhaps) there are now several different versions to choose from - including some hacked firmware versions. However having seen all of the various versions I admit I am confused by which is the best/latest to choose? Naturally if one is confused about such issues, it is always best to avoid flashing - and to seek advice before proceeding.

Ideally I am looking for the least difficult and most trouble free flashing methedology - which would preferably (hopefully) allow flashing from within Windows.

My drive is a bulk version (i.e. not an OEM drive) so any pointers to the latest/best firmware version for these drives would be very much appreciated.

The reason I am doing this of course is for better compatibility with recent media and better reliability when burning certain media types.

I am less interested - and indeed have never as far as I recall, watched any DVD movies with this drive. Whatching DVD movies on my PC is on the whole just not something that I do.


The most recent firmware (official) is 2.1b
You can find that one and Bitsetting versions and many hacked firmwares here.

They can all be flashed in Windows with Binflash.



I’m more of a user than a technician, and I’ve got a couple of dumb questions:

  1. I can check which firmware is currently in my NEC 3500AG with Nero Info right?

  2. I looked at the link you referenced above and just wondered if there are any performance pros/cons you would note with the hacked firmware as opposed to the updated OEM stuff?

  3. I use SlySoft’s AnyDVD ( bought the suite) and I have had some issues with some Fuji -Rs I just got… so I wondered if its going to work with the latest OEM or I’d have more overall success with a modded firmware?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Yes or use CD-Speed and select the drive and it will also show the firmware version.

Our hacked firmware come in many flavours. They mostly have full bitsetting which is good if you burn DVD movies and use DVD+R media. This will make the disc more compatible with older set top players.
We also have patches to remove riplock thus speeding up the ripping of pressed DVD-Movie discs. and RPC1 patches to remove region lock from the drive.
My own patches speed up the burning of some media. 8x burning on this drive is painfully slow. The down side is if you burn a disc faster than its rated speed the burn quality won’t be as good.

It’s hard to say, as FUJI use and have used several manufacturers (RITEK CMC etc etc) to make their media.
You can also find the MID of the disc using CD-Speed and the “disc info” tab.


Hi, thanks for the response. Well at least the issue of the official firmware version has been resolved.

However I find the variety of hacked firmwares even more confusing.

Given that different hacked firmwares offer different feature sets (and that I would prefer a safe flashing method from within Windows) could you, or anyone possibly make a recommendation about which hacked firmware would be likely to be best (given my needs above)?

Really the thing I use the drive for most is burning the (very occasional) DVD movie for my niece, but much more frequently I use it for backing up large dual layer XBox 360 (and PC) games.

These generally can only reliably be burned at 2x speed - and are on the whole very selective about media. My hope by updating the firmware is to perhaps increase the compatability with certain less expensive media types and to potentially save myself some money into the bargain.

Again thanks for any input anyone can offer.



Yes, thank you so much for that information… so much more civil than what you sometimes get in forums like these. And I don’t mean to hijack Raid’s thread but I think we’re both non-experts looking for solid advice.

Unlike Raid… I do backup DVDs and its because I want spares that can be used on road trips without fear of scratches, cracks, or even losing them. Plus they have to work in home and portable DVD players.

With that in mind, can you suggest a firmware “vintage” ( I feel like I’m talking to the wine steward at a fancy restaurant) that is relatively robust to address my normal useage? BTW, I checked my current (OEM) firmware and it’s v.2.16.

Thanks again!


If you guys have older 8x media, then 2.18 was my favourite.
If you have 16x media 2.1b should be good to go.


Thanks. I’ll look into that.