Best/Latest Firmware for 2500?

Hey guys,

I have an NEC 2500 that’s firmware-flashed to a 2510, running a version of firmware 2.F9 that allows bitsetting… It’s been so long since I flashed, I can’t remember who’s modded firmware (I assume it’s modded, due to the bitsetting capabilities…) it is!

As you can tell, I have just been using my burner “as-is” for the past while…> So I wondered if there are any new/better Firmwares out?

I searched and searched, but this site has too much info! I’ve tried herries site, etc and found nothing…
I did see the latest release by Liggy’s and Dee - NEC ND2510A 205c, but it only has bit-setting on DL media and I need it on SL media as well.

Any help? :slight_smile:

A friend from me has a 2510 A which fw, with removed riplock is today the best?

The fw from liggy or mad dog?

Thanks for post´s

I believe that before I got rid of my NEC ND-2500A, I was using the Quikee Beta 3 firmware based on 2F8.

Had bitsetting for all, plus media speedups based on testing from Quikee and the community.

There is also Herrie’s version of that firmware as well, which can be downloaded from this site:

I don’t think the 2F9 firmware was modded with speedups or anything. The MadDog version has bitsetting for all +R variants. This is a good resource for all the firmwares:

The L&D modded firmware (v 205c) is my favourite.

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Im just wating for a version with SL bitsetting :bow: , then i will flash

I use Stock 2.F9.


Might want to trim your next purchases, unless you’re really looking for two Pioneer DVR-110s. Some guys have all the toys. :slight_smile:

hi - i am new to this site and bitsetting - i am not sure what firmware i upgraded too - i have a nec2500a and i think its only able to bookmark for DL disks - i want it to bookmark for all discs - can someone give me the best firmware that can make it bookmark for all discs and if its able to burn to DL in the process - i give it a try -

You/the drive cannot. Bitsetting is only possible with DVD+R/+RW/+R DL media.
Check out some Bitsetting enabled firmwares from Liggy & Dee.

ok thanks - but who is liggy and dee - i am new to this - and if you can put a link to the rigth firmware i need to use – thanks

thanks - but can you give me a link to the correct firmware for my drive to make it work with all discs and dl
nec 2500a

In this thread is more info:

2.F9 is the one I would recommend.