Best/Latest Firmware for 111D? One Last time?

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Pioneer DVR-111D

Hey fella’s,

I’m going to be testing backing up my xbox360 games and I have THREE different types of DVD burners…

LITE-ON SHW160P6S05 ( had for 4 months )
NEC ND-3550A ( had for 4 months )
PIONEER 111D ( everyone recommended )

This is my first time / virgin expirence updating firmware’s for dvd’ drives, and
I’m looking at The Dangerous Brother’s Site… and well, i’m a little confused…

Currently RPC1 firmwares based on 1.06 *, 1.19, 8.19 INT *, 8.19 EXT *, 1.23, 8.25 INT, and 8.25 EXT.

WHICH ONE do I need? lol, what are the differences between them? Can I use any of them, just pick the largest number, or what should I use?

Also, what program can flash the Pioneer 111D dvd drive and where can I find the original latest firmware as well?

Thanks In Advance!

8.25 INT gives you auto bitsetting on DVD+R and the latest writing strategies.

If you’re into labelflash, then look at the 8.26 firmware.

Before flashing you can also get faster ripping speeds by rinning the firmware through MCSE(see the stickys).

I’d go for 8.26 from 111L series. It gives you readind and writing ability to DVD-RAM as well. That’s what I’m using.

ok so 8.26 is not a problem for my 111-D drive? it will work no problems? What do I use to flash it again? All the flashers I see say the are explictly for NEC drives… You sure 111L firmware is ok for a 111D drive? Just wanting to make sure… If there is a place to find the original default firmware that’d be nice too as if it doesn’t make xbox360 backups right, changing bitsettings to dvd-rom for dvd+r DL media, i’ll be screwed…

Also, does it remove what I’m reading/learning about called riplock, what slows down the reading of dvd movies ?

that is all i know for pioneer drives…

Anyone know what “illegal firmware” does, or is this it? lol, sorry if it’s not good to ask, please EDIT that above question out if it’s against the rules, I’m just curious what illegal firmware does if this isn’t it… lol, does it make the dvd burner spit out hundred dollar bills ? lol…

Thanks again!

Using 8.26 firmware should work with no problems. Everyone here who has tried it has had success. The only problems I remember were poeple who tired to flash with a disc in the drive. You need to go here first and download and flash your drive with the 8.19 firmware. Then you will be able to flash it with the 8.26 firmware. I’m not sure about flashing it back to a 111D, but I think you should be able to do it with the 111D 1.06 firmware on TDB website, because the flasher includes the kernel. INT is form internal drives, EXT is for drives in external enclosures.

Test your drive first using the stock firmware to make sure it doesn’t have any problems. Using any firmware that does not come directly from Pioneer for your specific drive model is considered “illegal firmware.” All it means is that you give up your warranty when you use it, and if something goes wrong, don’t return it. Just buy a new drive. The latest official firmware for the 111D is here.

To remove riplock, read through this thread.

But if all you want is bitsetting on DVD+R DL, the standard 111D does that automatically. 8.26 firmware adds automatic bitsetting to DVD+R discs and labelflash. Labelflash discs are not available in the US, but you can still use the Disc T@2 feature to burn text and images on the unused portion of the burnt side of DVDs.

ah, ok thanks for that bit of info, that was very useful and I feel like I’m becoming something more now, lol, who thought i’d be getting into flashing my dvd drives with different firmware… lol… why not right? i already get free satellite tv, xbox1, dreamcast, and very soon, xbox360 backups, lol, what’s one more useful thing!

Ok, in regards to that riplock thing… that mediacode editor, looks like it doesn’t support the 111 drive at all, it only mentioned the 110 drive and also specifically only mentioned the 1.2x series, did not show any messages about support for the 8.2x series… I don’t know if it’s a good idea to use that, I’d LOVE to remove riplock, but it’d be nice if the firmware already had the needed patches in it so I don’t set the settings too difficult in media code editor and screw things up…

unless someone out there has the 111D drive and flashed the TDB PIONEER DVR-111L 8.26 INT firmware onto it successfully already and used media code editor as well to raise the riplock speed and advises me on doing that…anyone? lol, I love to test, but I only if someone else has already before me. I’m not a TRUE pioneer yet due to finacial restrictions of turning the drive into a brick! loll… :a

“8.26 firmware adds automatic bitsetting to DVD+R discs and labelflash” uhm, does it automatically add bitsettings to all DVD+R SINGLE or DUAL layer discs? I heard that usually they only do dual layer to dvd-rom bitsettings unless specifically added single layer +r and +rw media…

Thanks again…~

PS: I see you have the 110D burner, ,and I see there is a 8.39 INT firmware you could use but your using 1.41? Why is that? Just curious, hehe… something better with 1.41 than 8.39 INT or what’s the difF?

I use to use 8.39 on my 110 and had no problems with it. I updated to 1.41 because it was newer and I thought that 8.41 would soon follow. I was wrong. :frowning: Since I don’t really use that burner for +R burning, bitsetting on single layer discs isn’t that important to me. I also just bought the 111D and will install it in a few days. I will flash it with 8.26.

The latest version of MCSE does support the 111 with 8.26. Link.

As far as I know, all Pioneer firmware automatically change the bitsetting on DL +R discs to DVD-ROM. There is nothing you have to do for that. The Buffalo firmwares (firmwares that start with 8.xx) add automatic bitsetting to +R discs in addition to automatic bitsetting on +R DL. I believe it also adds bitsetting to DVD+RW discs. With 8.26, you also gain the ability to burn DVD-RAM and labelflash.

Also read this.

righteous! Thanks Ricky babY you rock!

Gonna pimp out all three of my drives, NEC and lite-on as well, lol and be high rollling… hopefully riplock can be fixed on those two as well as it’d be nic to copy some dvd movies REALLY fast, right now takes anywhere from 20-60 minutes with clonedvd and my nec 3550a burner ( everything stock default ) I bought my family, and keep backups for myself and in case the family scratches them, as they do ALOT.

Anything else worth while to “apply” to the drive or computer to “pimp” it out and make it like super duper super duper tweaked to the sky? I read someone said right mouse click on your drive and go to properties and enable DMA? What good is that for? hehe … i’m learning, slowly … :wink:

Thanks again~

Hi and welcome to the forum!
To check if DMA (transfer mode) is enabled:
My computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - IDE/ATA controllers - check every channel to see the trasfer modes. Pioneer 111 should work best at UDMA4.
p.s. valid for win XP. W2k will not show the DMA number.

cool, thanks for that, so is that specific for pioneer, or will UDMA4 work best for my nec 3550a and lite-on 160P6 drive as well? hehe, thanks again.

It depends on the drives. Earlier ones only supported UDMA2, like my Liteon 832. You can find that on the drives’ specs. Also make sure u r using 80 wire cables, which are a must for udma4.
Can you get labelflash media where you live?

USA > Texas?

Do they have that media here? to be honest, i have no idea what labelflash media is but i’m intrigued now… lol… what is it? any good? you ahve it?

I dont suppose there is any in States, or it would eventually diffuse up north, to Canada. :stuck_out_tongue: Rumor has it, labelflash is available in Japan and Europe, thus jap. Buffalo firmware that supports it. I’ve tried labelflash on a data side of regular DVD and want to know if the contrast is any better on the face side. How much does it go for in Europe?

Here’s an article on Labelflash. link. But the media isn’t available in the US, which is why there are no labelfash capable drives sold here. :confused:

wow, i like labelflash, that would be freaking hot, but i don’t care to spend more for labelflash dvd’s… I’m el-cheapo, i want only the most inexpensive dvd-r dl media i can get :slight_smile:

hehehe… but labelflash sounds nice for say in 5 years or so… lol…

Forget it, you even could burn your money then.
What is going on here? Why all those peepz come here wanna “back up their xbox games”???

Stick with Verbatim +R DLs. Chef is right, you’re throwing your money away using anything else. Plus, prices have been coming down.

so dvd+r Dual layer is the BEST media type, most universal or what is dvd-r good for really? I never understood that, I got 50 pack spindles of each, but I got more dvd+r media than dvd-r thank god…

why not backup our xbox360 games bro chef, xbox360 scratches the h3ll out of them and microsoft don’t give a crap, they will replace MICROSOFT brand dvd’s like halo 1-2-3 if they get scratched but if the game isn’t made by microsoft, your S.O.L., better be safe than sorry, backup the xbox360 game and use that one, keep the original safe in it’s case, or for some people, sell the original and keep the backup, but that is illegal and let’s not talk about that since I don’t know how ban-happy you mod’s are, some forum mod’s would ban your account for 9 years if you mention the word backup xbox360 lol…, let’s stay with more legal stuff, lol…


I would disagree. -R DL is as good as +R DL, the only difference is the ability of +R to be booktyped with explicit firmware and burner support. If this feature wouldn’t exist, + media would have been vanished from the market already.

I just made some DL backups on Verbatim -R DL and even my 5 years old dvd standalone played it without any problems!
So, if -R DL with dvd-video content is not accepted by some standalones, it’s still a good choice for data.