Best Laptop Manufacturer and Laptop Model

I’m looking to buy a laptop around the region of £500 UK (everything overpriced here).

I’m really mostly going to be using it for video and websurfing and sometimes some weak games so really need a long term reliable make. The £500 price tag pretty much means no external graphics card other than buying a desktop replacemetn type laptop (which is a bti tad too big for me).

Anyway i’m just looking to know which laptop manufactuer is the most reliable make, and which is the best model.

Any idea’s, links reviews, especially comparisons would be great. All the reviews i get one the web are useless as they are short term reviews, not really reviews but more like detailed specifications of the laptop with no comparisons or mention of good bad history of problems benifits etc. Pretty much useless.

At the moment i’m looking at HP Compaq nx6110 is this reliable?
Intel Celeron M 360 1.4Ghz / 15 XGA TFT / 256MB SDRAM / 40GB HDD / Combo / XP Home / Notebook PC at £420

Most notebook makers today are Chinese and Taiwanese. They together produce most of the world’s notebooks so it’s no more easy to judge quality on brand name alone.

If you want DVD video on the notebook, better have one with at least 1280*768 resolution. Dell probably has in the UK market as well some cheap models with Pentium M 730 on 915 platform.

BTW, if most reviews on hardware websites are not good enough, what can you expect on this thread? :bigsmile:

He he. The reviews here aren’t that bad.

You’re right about that problem of all of them being built in china and taiwan, really makes it hard to tell by brand name alone. But i was just hoping to avoid the really worst ones at the least even if i can’t find a reliable build. And hopefully someone could direct me to a laptop review website forum like extrememhz is to pc parts.

I heard that the dell inspiron 51xx series have some motherboard design flaws that cause them to overheat and burn out due to cheap plastic. Stuff like that scares the shit out of buying a laptop knowign that it could go kapput due to no fault of your own.

Definitely want dvd so thanks for that about the resolution.

They were made by Samsung and to make the notebooks small and light, Samsung used thin parts and removed fans.

Unfortunately, there are not dedicated notebook review sites the way CDFreaks is a DVD burner review site. There’s at least one notebook site in South Korea but it’s far from being as good as Anandtech or Tom’s Hardware Guide.

IMHO get an HP DV2098ea at least that’s what I got so I’m biased in a way, but just to elaborate on it it’s got 2GB DDRAM @ 2Ghz Clock and a 2.0Ghz Dual Core Centrino. Absolutely nothing to upgrade for the next 2-3years plus the Nvidia Geforce 7200 128MB dedicated memory on it.

But this is just me ok. :disagree:

try MESH
I don’t have a laptop but i do have one of their desktops and i’ve not had a problem with it.

here’s there cheepest i can see £600