Best laptop HD to buy?Asus?

Hi all! Well my old Dell went dead and my portable Dell is now having problems with the DVDR drive ( plus is low resolution)and so I think it is time to upgrade and I have been waiting for a dream HD laptop fro a desktop replacement. …I like a great display and like to do a lot of photo editing and DVDs on the “sly”…I am leary of Vista and I dont think I want to go with Dell again for support issues.
I am interested in the Asus M70, I know it is a bit expensive…I just want to be able to do what I do and have something I can keep for about 5 years…I am wondering ,will I get any support with this product ? As time goes by and it gets hard to keep up with the technology !!!I dont really want the integrated camera or not even sure the tv tuner but you never know if I could use it upstairs…maybe…Opinions welcome Thanks

OK…I dont need a bluray for a laptop but I would like to be able to write blu to disk eventually…and I want a 17 inch high res.display…what is the minimum I need to do it? Please reply someone…I read a post hat says although cnet review the Asus as a bluray …It actually has no optical bluray drive…

Buy a laptop for $1.0K & a Decent desktop machine with Bluray Writer for $2K? :slight_smile:
Get some decent wireless Internet capability & use a remote desktop program to control your desktop from afar :wink:

Or get external Blu-ray burner such as LG BE06LU11 (it’s bulky though).

Some laptops with Blu-ray playback:
Asus M70Vn:
Dell 1525 and XPS M1530
Sony (14 models, click Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc)

thank you…you are right i should wait for a player/recorder later …and get laptop with just a BR reader… and what resoulution would that be?? more than 1900x1200? Of the three companies you mention what do you think of them?

Ok I did more research…I want a 17 inch,desktop replacement with a 1600x1200 res and bluray player…I have read on forums people having issues with the Sony BR drive…and so many people saying that Cnet and even the sites of the laptops being inaccurate as to their equipment…geez…the ASUs M70 does not have a bluray…according to one who bought it.( he was surprised too)…I guess Ill be talking to Dell again…unless you all have other ideas