Best label option for recordable DVD+R DL/BD-R currently?



Hi everyone

I have read on a few posts both here and in other locations on the Internet, that despite having being pushed a few years ago, it seems Lightscribe is pretty much dead in the water for disc labels. Is that true? The best I was ever to find was Verbatim, but those only came in a pack of 10, and seems that no other company made them. It also seems they have stopped production of them now?

I found Lightscribe to be, although sometimes time consuming, to be the best cost effective option, given how easy paper labels warp discs or peel off over time.

I did read about the attempt at something called Labelflash, but I’ve seen nothing involve their media from any company as of late.

I did find it disheartening to find that so-called “color” Lightscribe discs, were still monochrome, just the disc itself was colored. Evidently, it seems between the desire for disc based mediums, as well as current available technology, has a long way to go. It also seems, if and when, any sort of both faster and actual cover disc labels ever released similar to Lightscribe. Even though I am not a computer engineer, I find it difficult to grasp or understand how any modern CD burner in a PC, can burn an entire full disc of information at 52x in speed in just a minute or two. Yet, it seems to make a real professional looking Lightscribe image, it can take almost an hour to do the same thing. In my case, I have to burn the same image (with darker contrast turned on in settings) usually 3 or 4 times at the very least to get a really good image quality.

I have yet to see anything about Verbatim or any other company releasing Lightscribe BD-R discs. So, for starters, is Lightscribe a pretty dead technology? I am also concerned that it is quite possible that Disc based mediums may be on the way out with consumers, similar to how LP records, cassette tapes, and soon to be DVDs and even potentially Blu-Ray tech. Is that true? As far as newer above high-speed Internet connections are becoming common, as well as the speed of 4G Lte wireless being expanded all over the place, and “cloud” type storage services, will we likely see blank media as an option become as dead as a dodo?

My question with that being, is like the apparent death of Lightscribe technology, and most consumer interests with scratchable, and breakable disc media, is there any quality and worthwhile type of DVD+R DL or BD-R blank media label worth the money any investment?

Long story short, I am currently disabled due to a TBI (traumatic head injury), I suffered in August of 2008. Due to that, my finances are limited at best, and I need to make certain that both the investment in either a thermal or inkjet printer and blank media is worth getting into and buying? If so, currently, what brand of blank media is the most reliable and produces the most professional looking image? What brand of printer, for both the cost of the printer as well as the cost of ink and amount of ink used, is currently the most recommended?

Given my limited financial situation, (as an example) I don’t want to buy a printer that makes an almost production quality label, that uses so much ink you have to buy new cartridges every 2 or 3 labels printed. Likewise, I notice that most companies with inkjet printers, either hit you badly by having 5 or more different ink types needed to buy, or just one color and one black cartridge, but both collectively almost costs enough to need to sell a kidney to be able to afford.

As well, due to my accident, my handwriting is worse than a doctor’s is. So just using a marker to write on discs isn’t something I can easily do. That is one reason why I liked the idea for Lightscribe initially, since there is no risk for paper labels to come off, and removes any cost in buying ink for a printer, the printer itself, etc. Unfortunately, making a backup of a Blu-Ray is a time consuming and difficult process to effectively make 1 movie fit on a Lightscribe DVD-R/DVD+R disc. It also severely lowers the result video quality. As just one example.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from people about what option might be the best choices to go with.


Welcome to the forums, by the way. :slight_smile:

Drives are still coming out with LightScribe support…though I’m not sure about LabelFlash. So where there’s still drive support, there’s still media out there for it, too. I honestly can’t even remember which of my drives support(s) LabelFlash, but they are definitely a few years old.

As far as the media, I believe HP was very heavily invested, and Memorex also still had some last time I checked within the past few months. Verbatim might still have some media available in larger quantities on-line, though one of your concerns (cost) may need to be researched using prices from any websites.

LightScribe, as you have noted, still takes quite a while. Notice that if you look at the data side of a disc, you don’t have a huge amount of contrast. LightScribe requires a few passes in order to get the contrast right. It’s also possible that they just can’t have the disc spin that quickly when writing the label, for whatever reason… I don’t understand it, either.

Quite a few members here have had success with inkjet printers and printable discs. There must be a way to get a decent quality label without using tons of money. I’m sure people here can help you with that. :slight_smile: