Best .ISO making tool?

hello community,

i want to make an iso from a data dvd. which one would you consider to
be the best tool for doing that? i have done a lot of iso writing with
several linux distributions, and i made the experience that nero (and i am sorry
to say that, because i don’t like this software since version 5.x) that nero
was the tool which did the most reliable job in iso writing.
but now i want to write an iso for backing up and it needs to be without
errors (it is an ubuntu6.10 dvd that came with a pc magazine)

sorry for the long text and the short question: what is the best .iso making

what about winimage for doing the job? it does well with cd’s

Read using DVD Decrypter in ISO read, then burn in ISO write mode…

Thanks for your Answer, but i have found out how it works very well for
Reader was a LG GDR8163B, Writer was a LG GSA-4082b FW A209.

I used Winimage to read the ISO file and burned with Nero on a Verbatim
MCC 03RG20. The Copy was perfect!

anyway, thanks for reading!