Best ISO file management software?




What's your favourite ISO util? I've tried WinISO, ISObuster, CDMage and even WinRAR 3.0! All of the have cool features that seperates them from others yet in choosing one best ISO util, well, yet I'm in doubt...

What's your power ISO tool?



Depends what you want to do. But tell me, why have you posted this on the clonecd experienced users forum? Surely, either the burning software or general software forums would be more appropriate.:wink:




So sorry to post to wrong place… Guess I was thinking of something else when I was writing it… :slight_smile:


like phil allready said , it depends on what you wonna do.
I’ve always used cdmage till now, cuz it supports all other formats aswell, dunno bout the rest of the programs.


I S O B U S T E R :slight_smile:


Hello again,

CDMage is great but can’t read the ISO files if their size is incorrect (thing that happens a lot to me when I download files from edonkey…)

ISOBuster don’t have such problem but it does not have the “save as” feature :slight_smile: I mean it can’t save ISO files.

I’ve heard the WinISO don’t have such a problem but I’ve not yet tried it… plus it’s not free-ware :smiley: