Best Internet Browser

Internet Explorer is Known as the best Browser in the world…Could i have your Verdicts on what you think is the best browser?

I didnt care for Opera or Netscape. I dont know about others and M$ haters, but I like IE.

I usually use IE but when i go through pages wiz lots of pop ups n applets n stuff i use opera.

i dont really support microsoft’s totalitarian regime, but ie is waaay less buggy than ns6, so i use it

IE. Especially it’s a pain designing web pages for other browsers than IE… And IE doesn’t crash very often now either…

From programming point of view :

Arachne is the best , because it works under Dos.

From viewing and usability point of view :

Internet Explorer 6 (NOT msn explorer !).

im an IE man…dont like the company…but its better than netscape.


IE 6 is currently my favourite browser…given me no problems whatsoever and is damn fast (on my compy anyway :p)

Dont care if MS are wankers or not IE 6 is good nuff said :slight_smile:

Still use Netscape sometimes when I dont feel like importing bookmarks…but I use IE now and not had problems with it yet so…

I have used opera before and its good when your browser doesnt have bloatware.

When I used win98, I used called 98lite to rip out the stuff that was attached to it and that it was ok until I lost the functionality that I have now. XP and win2k, woohoo!!

Bloatware ?

Bloatware, when you have to much stuff in the program that you dont need.

ahhhhhhhh…so 99% of all M$ products,

gotch ya :wink:

I like Opera best.

IE is nice but the 'buttons are too small and finicky.

Netscape has the nicest layout but is kinda slow and comes with bloatware.

I really like Opera. The feature to refuse pop-ups are grrreat!
This said, it does not display all web pages properly. This is unfortunately due to the fact that some pages are made with IE in mind. :mad:
So, I have IE6 as well. It is a LOT better than IE5.X, it crashes rarely, but 5.X gave bluescreens all the time.
Not long ago, you were not allowed into the site if you used Opera. You just got a page telling you that your browser could not display the page properly, and was adviced to “update” to IE.
What was strange however, was that if you went into Operas preferences, and set the option “Identify browser as IE5.0”, you got straight in, and the page was displayed just fine.
This is an example of the methods M$ are using to gain total control in the market.
My main reason for using Opera is simply to support other competitors. It is no disadvantage that is is Norwegian either! :smiley: