Best Internal SATA DVD/CD Dual Layer Burner with Lightscribe Support



I’m searching for the “BEST” internal SATA DVD/CD Dual Layer Burner with Lightscribe Support for my system.
I’ve read quite a few reviews on Sony, Samsung, Lite-on, Phillips etc and nothing has impressed me as yet. They all seem to have more “Cons” than Pros", especially with dual later models.
What is your opinion on these burners?



Get the Optiarc AD-7241S or the iHAS424-98.


It’s encouraging that I have purchased a DVD burner (in fact I bought two of them) that you recommend , however, I was extremely disappointed to learn that the ihas424-98 does not support PIPO scanning, at least according to the latest version of DVDInfoPro.

Is the lack of support a function of the hardware? Is there any work-around that you can suggest? I honestly thought I was purchasing a LiteOn drive. How can I scan with this drive?

Any help/advice is much appreciated :bow:


Hi and Welcome!

some Liteon DVD writers are based on NEC chipset instead of the usual Mediatek chipset.
You may try Nero Disc Speed (in case you have Nero installed, otherwise download from



Thanks Michael,

Nero 9 Essentials came with my pseudo LiteOn drive and it included Discspeed. It identifies my drive and seems to give me most of the information I would have received had I purchased a “real” LiteOn drive.

I believe a have a good drive here but I still feel deceived in my purchase. I bought these drives to function as scanners too and my options have been limited. It’s a two-timing, double-dealing trick and compromises the LiteOn brand in my opinion and I’m still angry about it. :a