Best install ever!



i dont know if anyone here is into car stereo system installations but i am and i have found the best installation of an amp and subwoofer ever! the pics are about halfway down the page


Dude - I gotta get a stump for my Jetta!!! :iagree:

I think I would prefer the sound quality out of an oak or cherry stump to that of birch. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, it’s definitly better than a red or white pine. Soft wood sucks. :o


Good god, what a mess :eek: and no room for shopping in the boot now :doh:


Yeah…you gotta get your priorities straight…shopping/utility or a big old subwoofer housed in a tree trunk. The decision seems obvisous too me :rolleyes:

Plus…its just plain cool. :iagree:


hmmmmmm, but you can’t feed a family on tree trunks :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends on the family. Beavers and termites would love it!!! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you can say that that is an original.


Um … sure! Huge sound sytem … ratty old car.

Seems to me, some people prefer to be driving aroun town with a huge sound system, rather than a car which would pass the registration tests :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet that sounds like crap too with 2 subs on on either side like that, unless they were separated. I should take a pic of my friend’s Ford Explorer. He has a custom built box that takes up the entire back seat of it with room for 4 15inch subs and 3 extra batteries. I’ll take pics next time I see him, it’s insane. He goes to competitions with it and said he hit 150dB.


I never saw a stump in a car before.


awesome get those pics soon ahahah! :iagree:


I’ll call him tomorrow when I get off work. Forgot to mention, he’s also got all this spray foam insulator inside, it looks rediculous.:stuck_out_tongue:


That is great!!! I install stereo equipment for a living and unfortunately i see stuff like this all the time and people think it is actually cool…and some people put alot of money in a car that is not worth it at all. Here is a pic of an old caprice cop car that i did that was worth about $1000 until after the stereo was put in and that brought it worth up to $13000…yeah $12000 worth of stereo equipment…!!! in a $1000 car


more pics!


you want more pics of this install or others???


here is a job that was done by all of the installers where i work for a radio station and budweiser


What’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:
There is no inspection required for vehicles in AZ… :eek:
Totally unsafe clunkers missing windows, proper brakes, etc can be found driving around in this desert…


hehe… this is just bizare!