Best inkjet printable dvd-r discs please..?



For the best results what inkjet printable dvd-r would you recommend?


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Taiyo Yuden 8x dvd-r premium line or Verbatim Datalife Plus 16x dvd-r

supermediastore and rima are two well known places to purchase quality media.

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Or any printable DVD-Rs made by FTI in UAE (for example TDKs).


For compatibility I prefer Verbatim Datalife Plus 8x or 16x DVD-R, they have never let me down (Prodisc or CMC made), however I have not yet gotten Made in India (MII) discs yet so I can’t comment on those.

If you can’t find those Memorex CMC MAG. AM3 have also worked very well for me. Though you don’t always know what your getting until after the purchase so to much risk involved.