Best Inkjet Printable DL DVD?

I have a LiteOn SHM-165P6S burner and have updated the firmware. I’m using the lastest versions of CloneDVD2 / AnyDVD. No problem processing the files and if burning a 4.7 Gig disc: everything works fine. I’ve searched and read the CloneDVD forum and it has led me to believe that the DL discs I’ve been using (Ritek Ridata) may suck. Looking around here, that appears to be the concensus. So… Any recommendations on the best available Inkjet Printable DL DVD media? Printable hub a bonus.

Thanks in advance for your input!


First of all we need to know where you are to be able to point you in the right direction. It wuld be no point me pointing yu to SVP if you happen to be in the US. Eitherway the best dual layers are considered to be Verbatim branded, unfortunately I have never seen a printable version of these anywhere, the only printable ones I have seen would be from people who are considered t be dubious with quality.

United States

As with anything else D/L related Verbatim D/L DVD+R is the way to go. I’m pretty sure they have inkjet printable versions. Might be kind of expensive but then again D/L coasters aren’t cheap either. :wink:

No problem finding the printable Verbatims here, [B]JayC30[/B] (DVD+R DL 2.4x). Though I never bought any, they’re the only ones to go for, [B]pinkbeaver[/B]. Should be able to get these in the U.S. too (and they are hub-printable).

Yup, found them at rima, newegg and supermediastore. Will be on the expensive side though but after factoring in shipping supermediastore seems to be just a little bit cheaper and there seems to be a memorial day clearance sale going on this weekend:

Looks like Bestbuy carries them as well for about the same price.

Cressida, hence why I said we needed to know where the poster is. SVP doesn’t have any printable Verb DL discs, and I have not seen any in the shops either. I didn’t say they didn’t exist.

Gracias all.

Have a nice holiday weekend! :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to imply that. Sorry if it seemed that way.

Cressida, where did you see hub-printable Verbatim DL media? I have only been able to find the non-hub-printable ones so far. They burn great, b.t.w.

You’re right, Xterminator. I haven’t actually used them and looks like I’m wrongly assuming they’re the same as Verbatim’s SL printables.

My understanding is that Verbatim doesn’t even offer a hub printable DVD+R DL at the moment.
I buy these. It works out cheaper because you are not paying for 2 lots of shipping charges. At least over in ‘United’ we-get-raped-on-the-price-of-DL-dvd’s’-‘Kingdom’ lol.

LOL, funny, but oh so true! :bigsmile:

I just ordered some Ricoh DL full surface (hub) printables with their D00 mediacode (from Maybe I can get a good burn in one of my drives.

Yeah, but how many coasters are you going to get in the process?

If I knew, I wouldn’t have to try… :stuck_out_tongue:
I only ordered 10, so it won’t cost me a fortune.

Smart move. I was just pointing out that if you end up with a bunch of coasters then you really aren’t saving any money over Verbatim. I guess if I were paying UK prices on media though, I would be more willing to take risks. :wink:

I wouldn’t. DLs cost a bomb over here - I’d only go for Verb. :slight_smile:

I noticed that when I tried to order from svp. I seem to remember them being as cheap as the continental shops last time I ordered DL media there… Now the difference is shocking.