Best inexpensive dvd burner (I'm in the US)

would like to stay around $50-75

is the NEC ND-3550A a good burner at that price point?

yes, thats a great burner… i have it at work and i bought 1 for my new home pc i built… highly recommend any NEC drive tho… cheap and great!

Well mines a little older (ND 3540A) but Nec’s site said that basicly it’s the same thing (same reading and writing speed, probably corrected some errors that I didn’t even find in mine). Plus my sis has that certain one and it works fine! So I guess it’s a pretty good one! It won’t disapoint you! :slight_smile:

NEC will do a fine job, as will a BenQ DW1655 (but not a DQ60!) or the latest Lite-On, Pioneer, LG, or any other company that isn’t Samsung or Toshiba. Pretty much every company prices their drives around or under that range, with the exception of Plextor.

The NEC 3550 is quite a bit better than the 3540; specifications don’t really tell you anything about quality. As tehGrue said above, most newer burners are top quality. I think he covered the exceptions.

Make sure that the burner supports booktyping you will not regret it.

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Assuming one has no problem with modified firmware, NEC, BenQ, Liteon, LG, and even Pioneer all support +R bitsetting.

I am a where that those following dvd player’s support booktyping. I am just stating that if he has thoughts on other brand’s, to make sure that it supports it.

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Get the 3551. It supports LabelFlash, which you’ll find very handy when the LF discs are going to be cheaper after some time :slight_smile:

Thats not true. Beter to recomend good brands. I agree with all the brands you said completlly. nec, benq (except dq60), latest liteons, pioneer, lg, are all good drives.
The anything but samsung or toshiba is where I had a problem (not attacking here, just clarifying a few more brands). Aopen burners are crap dvd burners. They are great cd burners and gread dvd readers but they suck balls when it comes to dvd burning. Btc drives, need I say more, total crap. Again, not challenging you here, I agree with your burner recomendations, but rather pointing out that there are other crap drives to beware of, so only buy recomended drives.

ripit, you are braver than I. Taking on all those brands in one fell swoop. I hope you don’t get any flames.

my NEC 3500A was louder than a jet engine…kept it for 1 day…Total disaster.

1655, 1650, 4550, 3550, 111, Sony P6, Newest Liteon etc /even the new LG is good to go!

1655 is worth the extra $10. If in the states check!

PS/ you can crossflash the new ASUS to an A10XL

You mean the drives that I said are good, or the two that I said are bad? All the drives I sad are good, I think most would agree that they are at least decent drives and should work fine. I’m not saying anyone of those are nesasarilly the best, though with whats avalable right now, I think I would tend towards the benq1650/1655.
As far as the ones that I said are bad, I didn’t mean to imply that samsung or toshiba are crappy, tehGrue said that. I’m not really that farmiliar with either of them, though I did have a toshiba dvd rom that prematurlly failed. I think most are going to agrere that btc drives are not very good. They have a pretty bad reputation. As far as the aopen. I have done quite a bit of testing with the aopen 1608/1616. It does decent with a few select medias (decent, not exelent), but it does kind of crappy with a lot of medias including several high quality ones. I have tested with several firmwares (there are scans in a microadvantage/aopen thread). I actually use my aopen every day as a reader. It’s a beter (stronger) reader than any other drive I own. It’s dvd burning leaves something to be desired.

I was referring to the drives you said were bad. I agree with all your comments, I just learned a while ago that the AOpen people are very touchy.


Drives listed in previous posts are all good ie: Benq , Nec , liteon Lg , but a drive is only as good as the media used … You can have the best drive and use crap media , results are crappy !! Point i’m making is once you decided on your drive , use quality media and experiment with different kinds till you find one that your drive likes … there are lots of posts on " quality media "

Very good advice. Thats probably the most common newbie mistake there is. Buy a good quality drive, then feed it crappy media. You have to find what medias your particular drive likes, though if you stick to trying the higher quality medias, the odds are good your drive will like most of them.

Thanks ripit , learn’t that from cd freaks