Best image format for archiving

Okay, I got a lot of data cds, pc game cds that I plan to save as image files.

What are your recommendations and advice?

I’m considering saving the data cds as iso file (.iso). But I have heard there a incompatible versions. is that true? I’m going to use ultraiso as my image maker.

Nero is another worthy consideration since it can support mixed mode cds as well some very “old” copy protected cd. Hopefully, it will still be the burner of choice for years to come. Do you think Alcohol120% will become sort of “de facto standard” for cd image.

What I want, is a image file that has good support on popular burners. ISO fits this bill but its only good for data cds. So to me, it may either be Nero or Alcohol120% probably if could afford it should be Alcohol120%. I heard Nero is just an iso file with a header.

You can use all the other stuff but I have been happy with good old reliable Nero for years when it comes to making ISOs.

I would think that nero would be just fine for most things except newer copy protections. With newer copy protections, you generally need to use certain software and a certain proceedure, but nero should work fine for the rest.