Best Image Burning Software?


I currently use DVDDecrypter + DVDShrink do backup all of my legitimate movies.
I rip the movies and compress them as a single ISO on my hard-drive.
I usually burn the image on a DVD+R disc.

What software should do that on the best side?

Thanks in advance. :bow:


imgburn click here :wink:

or you could use dvddecrypter :iagree:

from its offical site

ImgBurn carries on from where DVD Decrypter left off! (Well, for the burning part anyway!)
its made by LIGHTNING UK! (who made dvd decrypter) and its suppost to handle images better then dvd decrypter

ill have to check out imgburn then, i wasent aware that it was done by Lightninguk :flower:

The DVDFab Decrypter (ripping) + ImgBurn (burning) combo can’t be beat and it’s free too :clap: .

If you need to transcode/compress DVD9 to DVD5 I’d suggest the Pinnacle engine as in terms of quality it’s tops.

Well… DVDFab-D doesn’t help either…
I guess I should dump the disc or rent it.

best is nero or alcohol120%
both r free

[QUOTE=knightteaser;2274080]best is nero or alcohol120%
both r free[/QUOTE]
Neither are free.
Why dig up such an old thread?

[QUOTE=knightteaser;2274080]best is nero or alcohol120%
both r free[/QUOTE]

Only if you are using pirated or cracked software, assuming that you aren’t using try before you buy!