Best IDE Internal DVD Burners

I’am seeking the best E-IDE Internal DVD Burner that I can get in my budget’s range?My max is $90.00

Most important to me:

I’am actually intending to install two drives!!
So,please list the whole name &L model and if possible the best place to buy it from?

Thanks alot,Clint

Thanks for the help!

The ones w/ more than 30 votes all are hard to find item in USA.

Well,now my installer has instructed me to go ahead and buy a SATA DVD burner!Not IDE!

Then take a look at the Pioneer 212D and the LG H62L; there are others that are good to excellent but I can speak from personal experience with these two for sure.

You can get the Pioneer from newegg and the LG is available at BestBuy.